Armchair BEA-A Very Happy Ending!

You GUYS!!!!
I did it!! 
Better yet...
WE DID IT!!!!!!!
~okay I'm sounding like Dora the Explorer now so I'll quit it~

Seriously though!!!!
Oh my clouds in the heavens!! Rachel T____________T Thank you so VERY much for convincing me of participating in this!!!!!!!

I don't think I've gotten around the idea that I've participated in one of the most known and amazing events online!
I mean it's BEA!! + an ARMCHAIR!!!! Can't get any better than this from home, can it?

I'm so thankful, happy, giddy, excited...
Believe me, my inner stalker can't wait to unleash herself on all the new bloggers!!!!!! 

I've LOVED LOVED getting to know new people! I've fallen in love with a lot of blogs and their designs? 

I've taken notes from advice, I've laughed, I've smiled, I've gone all serious.
I enjoyed it!

Thanks to all the ones that organize this AMAZING event and to all the sponsors behind them, supporting them!

Thanks to every single person who read my posts! I'm sorry I use exclamation marks too much and (...) too much but O_O I am a weird person and can't live without the 2!
Even more thanks to the people who commented!!!!!
Who weren't shy, like me sometimes,  and wrote their thoughts on the comment section, who tweeted, who added on goodreads... Every single interaction! I appreciate it from the bottom of my book-addict-photography-lover-completely-obsessive heart!!!!!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Now I have a really BIG task ahead of me, and that's...
Keeping in touch with all the new blogs I started following!!!
I'll try MY VERY VERY BEST!!!!

I loved this experience, seriously. Don't regret it.
And if I don't get to attend BEA next year...BEWARE because I'll be joining Armchair BEA once again... and my stalker-self will be back even more ravenous for blogs to stalk than it was this year!!!

Congrats to everyone that made it through the whole posting week!!!! You all deserve a party!!!
So I thought...why not have a mini party RIGHT HERE!!!!
~throws digital confetti~


~thanks to my twin for the gif.~ I'm seriously wrapping things up! ~winkwink~

Until next time!!!!!
Take pictures!!
~kidding!!!!~ get to make photo albums and stuff....
Just read hehehe and smile!



  1. hahha you're the funniest person ever!! :) :) SO glad you had fun!! I had an awesome time and it was great!! The twitter parties were awesome :) See you around! ;)

    New follower ;)

    1. Lol :D I try hahaha. Nah I just had such a great time I thought I'd share my happiness with you all!!

      Oh the twitter parties!!! ~stares off into space~


  2. Hi Alba!
    Thanks so much for commenting on my Bookography post!
    I love your Bookographys, there great!
    Followed your blog-follow back?

  3. Alba!!! We did it, we did it! *doestheDoradance*lol* Btw, is that gif my dance lesson??? I love it!!! :D

    I am so super happy we all got to do this together!!! It was so great already knowing someone and then meeting new bloggers to follow as well.

    You can already count me in for next year!!! :D

    LOVE your post, girl!!! *hugs* <3 <3 <3 *tryingtodothegifdance*lol*

    1. ~high fives~ YES INA!!! WE DID IT!!!! ~dancesdances~ YES!! It is!!!! I shall teach you and Rachel both!! bwahahahaha >.<
      I thought throwing it there wouldn't hurt anyone.

      Me too!!! I'm so so very very happy!! Agreed! I felt quite good that some people I already 'knew' before were participating and getting to 'meet' new people was one of my favorite things!

      YEY!! ~writes your name down on the list for ABEA 2013~

      Thanks!! *hugs back* ~tryingtodancethegifdancealongwithyou~

  4. Twitjail? I suspect this is when twitter tells you, you cannot tweet anymore in that day or hours? OMG happened to me as well on the last twitter party!! I didn't even know this stuff existed! lol :D But happened in the very end when I just wanted to tweet good night lol :P Best experience ever!! :D

    1. Yes, that's exactly what it is, though it's just for an hour, I think.
      It happened to me when I was in the middle of a major convo lol :D but well :( and it also happened when Ina came to the party :( I was just able to say Hi when I was sent to twitjail :(

      Hahaha this has happened once to me before and it was NO fun hahahaha

      Glad you liked it though :D

  5. I can't tell you how exciting it is to read a post like this. I'm one of the event organizers, but this year attended BEA while also organizing Armchair BEA. (It was a bit crazy to say the least.) Reading your post means a lot. It's so good to know that it's all worth the work. I'm so happy to hear you had such a great time! Yay!

    I love Armchair BEA and in fact I think I prefer it over the actual BEA. Can't wait to see you again next year! :o)

    1. OH MY GOD! first of all! LOL I LOVE your username :D
      ~faints~ I can't believe one of the organizers has dropped by here!!1 So awesome you got to do BOTH things! Attend BEA & organize ABEA!
      I had an AWESOME time!!

      -gasps- lol well, we'll see if I go next year I'll tell you my thoughts on both :D

  6. Yay!!! I'm so happy you had such an awesome time. I absolutely loved it myself too! Had an awesome time. :DD

    1. ~high fives~
      We shall do it again!!
      ~sorry for the late reply, your comment had gone to spam~

  7. I'm with you, I'm suprised I made it through the entire event. Loved meeting so many new bloggers and looking forward to reading more of your work and everyone else's. Great time.

    1. :D
      hehe yeap, I struggled with one post exactly...and I ended up vlogging instead hehe :D but we made it!!!
      ME too!! glad to have met all of you!


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