BookPics is Curious-Making Someone Happy-

Hey Guys!
BookPics is curious again!
Have you watched Snow White and The Huntsman yet?
Will you be watching it sometime soon?

On other curiosities...
Here it goes...
The first couple of minutes are about SWATH, I think...
The rest is solely for DREA!


  1. Cooooooooooool, SWATH looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and I haven't even watched it yet. And lucky you!! You get to meet Drea sometime!! From Tif's statuses, she looks like the kinda girl I would want as my daughter (I'm soo twisted, I'm only 17 and already thinking about kids lol)

  2. @Yousra
    See? hehehehe :D ~winkwink~
    Hopefully heheheh I love how Tiff is so proud of her!!!!
    -oh don't worry my dad started bugging me about grandchildren since I turned 18 T_T I'm 21 now!-

  3. Oh my smurf!!!! We both CRIED! You Alba are ONE OF A KIND, in the best of ways! Amazing! Thank you Yousra <3 she is a pretty special little girl. I am very proud, and lucky to her momma! Love you girls!!!!!

    1. @tfalick
      OMG!! NO!! Why?! T_T Don't cry :/
      But thank you so very much <3 I was just trying not to bore you guys to death :P
      Love ya too sis :D


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