BookPics is Curious- What's your take?

I'm a really cover-lover kind of person.

If your book has an out-of-this-world kind of amazing cover, it is 99.9% true that somehow, someway, the book will end up in my shelves. -Remembering what my favorite genres are... always-

I also am picky in a very special way.

No, it doesn't mean that if the cover isn't good in the eyes I won't buy it. But it means that if I see similar covers repeatedly in a lot of different books by different authors I most likely be wary and then maybe, just maybe, just because of that... the possibilities of me buying the book will definitely be reduced... say like on a 60%... meaning... there's a 40% or less of a probability of me even trying to buy the book...

DON'T take this the wrong way... I've read some AMAZING out-of-this-world, kind of books with really sad covers, sad meaning not good looking or attractive at all... So I'm NOT saying that if a book cover isn't good you don't have to buy that... I AM NOT SAYING THAT!

But what I have never really thought about was of some book cover looking definitely too much like a replica of no other than a movie poster...
Seriously... it struck me in all kinds of ways.

Add to that the fact that is a movie poster from a movie that I really really enjoyed and that I had been looking forward to for a LONG time and that the book's cover I related it to is... well. I just saw it randomly on facebook. And when I saw it I thought it was some kind of joke or a prank you know... the troll things that lately have taken up residency on all networks...

Anyway. I clicked the image to enlarge and -_- well, at first I instantly thought that I had seen that cover before and then... T_T well I remembered the movie poster and immediately was wary of it...


So, here's what I'm curious about...

What do you think...

Have you ever seen a book cover that was almost, the exact same replica of a movie poster before???

What would you think if you were to find one of your favorite movie's poster as an alteration of a book cover?? One that isn't related to the movie in the least...


This is/was a first to me and thinking about how I reacted I don't think I'd like to find more from these... If it isn't like, you know a movie adaptation of a certain book and then an edition of said book comes out with the movie poster as the cover? I'm okay with that and I love it, like the Twilight Saga books or The Hunger Games books... but what about this?


I present you the book cover->

Um... I kind of like it. Love the girl's pose. The backgrounds... the settings... the color... she has a mysterious looking liquid in that glass on her right hand, even the tittle... oooh how cute! A Pig! Oh my... and let's NOT start with her clothes... I love them, she looks like a warrior waiting for battle and...

Wait a minute O_o

I think...

I MIGHT have seen this somewhere else...

What other book.... wait... wait....


Oh clouds no!! NO 

NO and 


I KNOW where I think I saw this... 

Um... ~rubs imaginary beard~ 

Too tiny right? And there's more than a single person in this picture... um... This girl is posing looking the opposite way that the girl in the book's cover is. Right...?

Let's get a much better look, shall we?

Oh WOW! NOW I see the resemblance... it all looks WAY too similar to me... but wait a minute... There's no pig in here right?? ~looks for piggy~ 

Nope... and this one still has some minor differences... like it's TOO dark... um...

Let's see...



No pig... but another animal... 
No glass containing a really magic-looking liquid... But a sword instead...
Not looking over her right shoulder but from her left...

See people??
It gets too close to home... and I don't think I like it... Really...

Don't like it....


What about you???
Care to comment so I can quench my curiosity??


  1. i have to say i love the poison cover but thats cus i hate kirsten stewart and would never ever buy a book with her on the cover. i dont mind books with movie covers, i have i am number 4 and star wars books with their movie poster covers.

    1. lol :D thanks for reading Alice! :D
      Oh I know that hahaha :D and completely agree with you there!
      I also have the movie cover version of I Am Number Four.

      Thanks Again Alice!

  2. Well, the author usually has absolutely no say it what the covers look like, so not reading a book because the cover is similar to something else is extremely unfair to the author. The art department gets full control of artwork, and whether the author likes it or not is usually irrelevant.

    What I'm trying to say is that I think, if you can, you should try to move passed this stigma. It's honestly not the author's fault that the cover resembles something else, and you could be passing up a really great book because of something so trivial. The cover does not make the book.

    1. Oh I definitely know that. I've always had that struggle of not freaking out on publishers because of what they do to covers.
      Completely agree... I never said I don't read books because of the covers--- See? "No, it doesn't mean that if the cover isn't good in the eyes I won't buy it. "

      hehehe I don't have any stigma so don't worry about it, I just really wanted to get the opinion on this specific cover, because the book has nothing to do with the movie.

      Oh I'm all for the 'don't judge a book by it's cover' believe me.

      The cover doesn't make the book at all, but I do believe that the cover does sell right??? So that means most people go ahead and buy pretty covers first-I'm completely going out of topic here.-

      Thank you so much for commenting though... :)

      PS.this is a MG book so I'm not as bothered as I think it sounded on the post hehehe since I don't read MG.

  3. I would also like to add that there are a lot of similar covers because, if publishers realize that a certain kind of book is selling well, 60-75% of that is usually because of a great cover. So publishers will then keep replicating that style, in the hopes that, if people liked the first one, they'll buy another one with a similar cover, and so on.

    The same goes for anything in pop culture, really.

    1. Also true! I've gotten used to this a lot...

      Wish they could try and be more original you know? Stick with the book.. and the story...

      For the regular followers, they know that one of my weaknesses when reading a book or reviewing and rating it for that matter, is the cover...
      If the cover matches the story I feel like in heaven or something :D

  4. Covers are all about marketing and how to be the most visually appealing, to make more people buy them, because we are as a species all about looks. We can't help but be more attracted to the more eye pleasing covers, it it our nature. We are always going to pick up the beauty book first read the summery and maybe keep it or put it down depending on that. After we may pick up the one that didn't catch our eyes initially. My guess is the book cover model is a stock photo and rights were bought to use that image, did they intentionally mimic the rest of the background to ride of the wave of popularity caused by this movie poster? Who knows? Depends on when the cover work was created. Does it bother me. Not at all. It saddens me when stock images are used over and over for different covers like the Evermore cover girl also being used on the Beautiful....(?) book and now another book has the same stock image.

    I guess the way I see it as how many different poses and angles can you do of a person? And how many books are out there? The odds of someone creating by accident the same idea isn't that uncommon.

    In other words, things don't bother me that much.

    1. T_T sad but true...
      That's what I guessed too.

      Oh I don't think it'd affect my reading of the book at all, though I don't read MG at all.

      True to that too... there are some imagines that are seriously more overused that overused hehehe :D


      I see that!
      Thanks so much for commenting Kristina!

  5. I can understand what your saying Alba but like everyone says, its not the authors fault how the cover turns out and I actually really really like The cover for Poison and if I say it Id definitely pick it up and read the back. I dont mind at all if the covers the same or slightly the same as my favorite movie poster, it probably would make me want to pick it up more.

    1. YEY!
      You could make it Nat! Thanks for stopping by :D

      Oh, I know that :'( I never really think that's fair... because they've written the story so they'd know what or how the cover can relate to the story itself.

      I love it too! hehehe
      O_O wow! So different there haha :D

      I don't mind the books having movie posters as covers, as long as the movie's about the book...

      Thanks for your input!

  6. I agree, I don't like when books have so similar covers to something else (movie posters or other books).
    I think publishers need to realize that the cover of a book is what sells and come with more original covers. Its in our nature to be attracted to what looks better in our eyes. Most of them are pretty but not original.
    And all the stock images are used over and over, something else I don't like. Like you, it's most likely I wont pay too much attention to a book with a cover I've seen over and over again.

    If that makes me shallow, weird or mean, so be it. I know I'm the minority.

    1. Oh Ana! Hi ~waves~

      Good to know! hehehehe we're the minority, though I never turn down a book just because of the cover, but I do believe in the originality of things... Indie authors tend to do this more often than the regular published ones. BUT agreed...

      I don't think you're vain, it's definitely natural to all of us to be attracted at what we consider to be pretty.
      I mean, who wouldn't love having pretty book covers added to our shelves?

      Oh, the stock images, I have a hate/love relationship with those, because sometimes even with the overused ones... I find a cover that's completely amazing and completely more beautiful than all the other books using the same image...

      Like the Evermore book of Alyson Noel... that poor girl is in more book covers that I care to count... but out of all them I only really like one... so... you see??

      We might be the minority but you're not weird NOR mean and definitely NOT SHALLOW -______-

      I vote for original covers... even if they make me mad with all the redone covers that are being like the BOOM right now and completely killing my buzz for book covers :/

      Thanks for coming!

  7.'s a pretty new movie - which came first???


    1. It is a new movie indeed hehehe.
      But the posters were out so long ago I can't even remember.

      Saw a cover reveal last week... or this week... can't remember... but maybe they got it wrong?


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