-reread thoughts- If I Die by Rachel Vincent

Writing reviews and thoughts and stuff about my feelings for books while reading them is turning harder and harder...

But I can't help and repeat once again, how amazing this book was/is.

I've read this book more times than I care to admit.
And still...
My heart was broken earlier in the series BUT this book right here is the turning point for, let's just say. EVERYTHING.

I can't believe how in the world author Rachel Vincent came up with a story so extraordinarily original. This book kept me guessing and guessing. I had such a hard time trying not to read the finishing lines... I won the battle. Barely.

When I thought nothing worse could happen to Kay, it happened. When I thought her heart couldn't be any more broken, it was. When I thought the person who had sworn her-things-would keep-his/her-word, the person didn't.

I thought and thought and thought about so many bad things happening but never in my wildest imaginations would I have guessed what this book was going to be focusing on!

So I have nothing more to say than,
I'm painfully heartbroken.
I'm insanely in love.
And I'm completely crazy to find out just what in fact, happens when ones' heart starts to beat again...

Feel me? hehehehehe -that was weird-

Rachel Vincent, once again I'm left completely starstruck and awed by your talent.

And for the first time in the challenge I'll leave you with a passage... because, there isn't a better way to end Fiktshun's SSRC than with something... torturous, enigmatic and...painful :D so as to entice you to pick these books up and read them! I can't believe Before I Wake comes out so soon!

-The pain in my heart swallowed the pain in my stomach like the ocean devours a single drop of rain. Thoughtless, wordless agony washed over me, a loss like I'd never felt before. I was hollow, empty of everything but pain, and the ghost memory of-BEEP-eyes watching me, seeing me like no one else ever had.-

Before I go, I just want to take the time to thank Rachel from Fiktshun and author Rachel Vincent for making my very first experience on a reading challenge THE MOST HAPPY AND CRAZY AND REREADING AND AWESOME thing! Thank you!!!!!!!!! And, well wow. Just wow! I can't believe how generous both of them have been!
Really, thank you from the bottom of my Todlover-Kaysupporter-Nashfan-Sabineeyeroller-Sophiesigh heart!!! Thank YoU!!


  1. Yep, this book was one heck of a roller coaster ride. LOL So much happening and I had the same urge as you to skip to the very last page when I first read it - but I didn't! We can be strong! ;)

    I posted my last post for the SSRC last night too, but it was for Never To Sleep. :)

    If you'd like to check out my thoughts for IID, you can find them right here -> SSRC: IID :D

    Oh my, my heart is aching, knowing the SSRC is almost over... *sigh* So happy though, Rachel added another month for Before I Wake!!! :D

    1. Agreed!!! >.<
      I was able to do it ONLY the first time I read it, now with all the times following that... I've always read the last pages first hehehe just to remind me that I can, indeed survive because I like the ending :D

      >.< I'll go check it soon!! Thanks for leaving the link!

      I don't know if I'll be able to take part in that month then. Because you know how hard it is for me to get the books... If I ask for it I might be getting it... maybe in July or August... depending :D


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