~review +18~ Dark Awakening by Kendra Leigh Castle

"Ty," she said, "just don't let me go."

I bought this book simply because of the cover.
I saw it at the bookstore, saw the cover...
Next thing I know...I owned it...
But you know what made me read it like NOW?
Kristina @Kristina's World of Books

I'm a stinker for hot-sexy men...but give me one that purrs...
And I'm all his ~winkwink~

Ty was an amazing, though sometimes too blue, character. I loved the way he spoke. How loyal he was and still is to his own beliefs.
Plus, he is a vampire AND shapeshifter...How awesome is THAT?
And Lily. My dear Lily. I love her to death!! She is what I would call...the perfect soulmate for SOMEONE :D

"I have impulse-control problems. Didn't I mention that?"

Really though. The story revolves around the darkness that the vampire world is. Always dark...always moving, always unseeing and always, always dangerous.

This take on vampires was so fresh and so well thought that I'm sure will be going to check the next books out, don't ask me how though because so far...the bookstore doesn't want to bring them. But we'll see about that later.

Lily is different. Ty is the exception of a rule.
When they meet, it's a sign that not everything is at it seems, that most likely monsters ARE hiding in ever dark corner, and that BATS MIGHT mean VAMPS too.
Lily and Ty together are explosive, strong, creative, hot, cold, and even all things cute.

The plot develops wonderfully and fast. I had a little bit of a hard time at first. Trying to remember all the Dark Dynasties of vampires but the little index of them at the beginning of the book helped a lot!

"I've never made a man purr," she said. "I like it."

I'm intrigued by The Dracul, scared of The Ptolemy, in love with The Caith Sith, wondering how many The Empusae are around besides HER, and hopefully waiting to see if all the rumors about The Grigori are true...
They all made perfect for an awesome dynasty line. One I'm sure will be even more captivating while the series progress.

The hot, sexy, love scenes were completely burning at worst and killer at best. I blushed more than a couple of times, and reread even some others. I was just so enthralled.

And as always, I feel in love. Surprisingly I fell even more in love with someone that ISN'T the main male character, and this has only happened once before, and it sure as clouds wasn't a PR+18 book :I

JADEN! Jaden's the man or better said, the vampire of my dreams I cannot wait to read about him. His book's the next in the series and I am DYING DYING a slow and painful death, while waiting for his book.

She was in the hands of a beautiful monster now.
And like it or not, she was headed back into the darkness.

-I LOVE how this review doesn't even HINT as to what the plot of the book is :D-

I give this book

4= OhMyCloud!


Hotness Rating

8= Fire burns!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this book and I hope you can get your hands on the next one as well.

    1. I did!! And I can't wait for book 2!!! >.< I'm hopping I can get it somehow! :D


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