Stacking The Shelves #5

Stacking The Shelves is hosted by Tynga's Reviews. Where you can post all the books that you're adding to your shelves each week.

Here's what will be stacking my shelves this week

What an amazing week you guys...what an amazing book week~sighs contentedly~
But let the video-me do the talking :D



*Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin
*Everneath by Brodi Ashton

Not a good month start so I'm sorry if I can't show how REALLY REALLY REALLY happy I am right now based on books only T_____________T
Thanks to Bella @PBC for hosting the Jordan Dane book giveaway!

What books will be stalking YOUR shelves this week?


  1. Ugh, Alba!! You make so jealous is not even funny or healthy!! Haha.

    I've been wanting to read In The Arms of Stone Angels for a looong time too. It was one of the books I saw when I was a newbie in all the bloggers and FB pages. So yeah, AGES ago.

    And I have no words for the other 3 books. MotRD what a GORGEOUS cover, simply gorgeous...I want it!! As you would say: "Envy aura" Hmmph! lol

    P.S: I'm the same when it comes to reading the book description!!! Haha. Or I read it one time and if I ever get the book I don't read it and it's always surprising because I never remember what I read hahaha xD Silly but I'm not alone!!

  2. Oh, I'm sooo jealous of Masque of the Red Death and Everneath!!! Next opportunity I get to splurge a little bit, those will definitely make the cut! :D

    Awesome, awesome books, Alba!!! :) YAY!!!

    Here is my StS

  3. @Ana Lucía
    OMG!! Another time...this feels good ~evil laugh~ oh believe me! It IS healthy :D

    Really?!!!! O_O we're old blog stalkers then hehehe.

    I know right? I still cannot believe I have them :/ it's like...a dream come true T_T oooh you're learning to identify your auras! That's good!

    PS.RE/ ~high fives~ I do that too...or I just skim...IDK why though :( but well we're not alone!! ~neighbor hug~

    >.< the cover is TO DIE FOR!!!! YEY!! you go girl!


    I left a LONG comment :D

  4. Ugh! I am green with jealousy! For sure! I am dying for one 3 that you bought! I want MoTRD sooooooooo badly its insane!!!!! Another wonderful Vlog! Loved it like always!

    1. Awwe tiff!! >.< hahaha I wanted it that badly too!! And to think...I was going to order another one instead of that one!
      Thank you! -blush-

  5. Loved the Vlog Alba :) You always put a smile on my face!!! Great books, Ive wanted to read In The Arms Of Stone Angels for ages and definitely must get it soon. Im reading Masque Of The Red Death and the writing is awesome. Hope you enjoy all!!!

    1. ~blush~ It's good I do!! >.< Since you always make me cry happy-tears!! Really??!! You should've told me!! I would have given your address instead of mine then!!!
      Really?! can't wait to start reading it!! Thanks!!


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