Before I Wake Mini? Reading Challenge!

Once again!

~let's dance~


This is the THIRD challenge(besides the goodreads one)that I'm joining this year! And it feels completely A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

This time I'm joining!

~The challenge button is also on the sidebar if you'd rather just click and go directly to the challenge post~

I think you already know just how much of a Fiktshun  follower stalker I am. And to have her host first, the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge and now the, Before I Wake Mini-Reading Challenge is just... my senses went crazy when I saw her post officially starting the challenge.

You guys!!!! If ANY of you has read all the previous Soul Screamers books and haven't yet decided to read, purchase, reread, get, recommend... Before I Wake, PLEASE.PLEASE. reconsider!

I'm joining for sure! I've already read the book (Thank you Rachel!!!) but I'm still working on my review :D and I'd be really really happy if you were to join the challenge!!

So, without boring you more than I've already have...

I'll leave you the links to the challenge post and maybe then, after reading Fiktshun's post I promise you, there is NO.WAY.IN.THIS.EARTH. that you'd say no.

June 26-August 1

Hope to see you there!