I could NOT not share this.

I know my last post was about how I'm going to start posting-hopefully-daily again starting this Saturday?


Right now, I'm grasping at ANYTHING than can distract me and sadly right now, books haven't been able to do just that.

But, what's the problem you ask?

--Seven days ago, the woman that took care of me for the first 8 years of my life passed away.
Last time I talked to her was April this year...I'm completely devastated.The world lost an angel.I'll miss her.And I thank her for all the laughs, the milk spilled, the games, the secret candies, the souvenirs she brought me even after I became a legal woman, the surprise visits, the first time I saw her and was finally able to tell her I was taller than her, the help with homework, the tears she brushed away, the green vegetables on my plate she ate for me...
I'll forever remember you and you'll forever be in my heart.
I miss you already.
The only person that I considered a real grams ♥ to me.
'Lela' Even my grandchildren will know about you.
I thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet one of his angels.
I'll forever remember you and you'll forever be in my heart.I miss you already.The only person that I considered a real grams ♥ to me.'Lela' Even my grandchildren will know about you.I thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet one of his angels.--

~I just copied and pasted it from my original facebook post, if I wanted to write it again I wouldn't have been able... Sorry for that.~

I really REALLY mean it when I say I am completely devastated and I REALLY REALLY want this blue cloud away, far far far away from me.
Mostly because my 'Lela' wasn't a blue or sad person.

Oh guys. She was happy but so much more.
And I am not posting this wanting to grab any attention or as an excuse for my poor blogging lately or anything like that, I just really wanted to, somehow talk about her to someone who didn't get to know her, because everyone I know did and they just make me cry...

You know the person whose head always got cut off from your infant days' pictures? The one hand that somehow appears to be holding your 1 year-old self steady for a pretty picture to be taken?

Well, hers was almost always that hand or head... hecks even half her body haha.


I really just wanted to... You know... share her with the world now...

I don't think I'm making ANY sense... Sorry for that...

The last time I saw her was over 2 years ago... She told me she loved me and was so very very proud and she even cooked us-me and my sisters(she took care of 1 of my 3 sisters as well)her famous awesome 'Flan de Caramelo' and laughed at my poor cooking skills... She said things that she always said... And I remember I thought to myself... T_T Wow, I LOVE her, how can she stay so true to herself even after all these years? I hugged her so many times I thought she even lost a few pounds in the process... 
And, the last time I talked to her on the phone was this last April, we wanted to see each other, surprise my other sister... I... REALLY wanted to show her all my books :) I told her she'd faint and pass out when she got to see them... I don't know... I guess...

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'll miss her and that I'm sooo sorry for not posting on the blog, because I know EXACTLY what she would have said if I were this sad in front of her...

And as I'm writing this I'm hearing them all in my head... they're in spanish heheh so I won't write them all but one of the TONS of things she would've said,
"No los vayas a tener esperando mucho tiempo."
"Don't keep them waiting for long."

And I won't, hehehe she would have COMPLETELY scolded me for being this sad hehehe so I'll TRY my VERY BEST! To stop the crying and sad and start the happy and remembering and reading instead :D
Also POSTING hahaha how many times have I written that word?

Well, I think that's it.
I'll miss her until the very last breath leaves this body of mine...
I really think God missed her more than I imagined for him to have taken her so soon from us

Nos vemos pronto mi Lelita, I'll see 'you' again. And I promise to be happy again starting... NOW!

Oooh, I can feel the books pulling at me already hehe.

Well, until saturday when I start spamming the blogosphere again.
I'm sorry for posting this here I couldn't think of another place.


THANK YOU! To all the ones that have shown their support and for all the prayers and well wishes from everyone who already knew. I LOVE you ALL


  1. OH. I'm so sorry to hear that :( :( Loosing someone is always painful. I lost my only uncle in February and it was hard :/ Still is. My grandmother is totally lost since he died. She had troubles with memory before, but since February it's ...difficult.

    I just wanted to tell you that I feel you. And I hope things will get better for you!

  2. I'm sorry for you lose. It's never an easy thing. Hang in there. ((hugs))


  3. So so sorry Alba! What a wonderful tribute to your beloved Nana <3 may she Rest in Peace.
    Hugs to you my sister!

  4. There could be no other fitting tribute Alba!! Im so so sorry for your loss :( <3


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