*On listing my reviews*

Just a quick post to let you know that I'm currently working on making a list to all of my reviews so you can all better access them.

Now, while doing this I discovered that I never got to post some of them here whereas I did post them on my Facebook page, since THAT'S where BookPics first started...

So, this next couple of weeks I'll be posting them here and later on adding them to the list.

Of course, there'll be a tab under the header for you to easily click it.

Remember, these reviews were most likely written last year but I want them to be here as well, I seriously never thought I'd ever forget about posting them here but there you go lol.
I guess I was just too excited when I started reviewing here on the blog to remember the oh-awesome-rookie reviews that those are!

Sorry in advance if this will, in any way, bug you.

Keep reading beautiful BookPic-ERS.



  1. Have fun. I have two different ways to view my review list, I 1st did it by month I reviewed the book and then I realized that might be kinda hard if someone is looking for a particular book. Next I created a 2nd page listing from A-Z and since I read a lot of YA and adult I put a little (YA) next to the book. Now it is just remembering to link my reviews to both page :)

    1. Argh, I had a rough time :/ lol Found out all about all the reviews I forgot to pass and post here!
      Oooh!! I kind of like looking in A-Z order by author's names :P
      That might not be a bad idea... though so far I've only reviewed 2 +18 books, THAT'S what I'm writing beside those ones... hehe
      We'll see how it goes :D

      Now I think I've done it so I'll have to do just that :D exactly.
      I didn't do any bookography!


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