-review- Before I Wake by Rachel Vincent



This is the story of how I lost my life...

Wait. No!!
This is a REVIEW or you know, the chronicle of my life while reading the book, my feelings throughout my reading...
The thing is... I died so many times while reading this single book I think I'm not even human anymore, not that I'd care to be a reaper knowing I'd join Tod ~sigh~ and Kay :D

But before I start... just so you know... even the 'Dedication' of this book is AMAZING and almost brought me to tears~happy ones~ :'( It just shows how Rachel appreciates each and every reader of her books out there, and I felt cherished and loved right there on the spot...reading that dedication... I stayed up even later than normal that night to continue my reading of this book!

~But Tod was the same. Only better~

There hasn't been a series I have read in which ALL characters are described in such a way and that their lives and actions affect tremendously the plot of the book. ALL characters!

Kaylee, I'm still in shock, though I still love you! But for some reason, a little part of me will always, somehow wonder... what IF what happened on 'My Soul to Keep' didn't happen? What IF you didn't do what you did, what IF Nash... well... But now... that part receded to the corners of my heart and mind to welcome this completely twisted and painful plot that is 'Before I Wake'.
I still cannot believe that after all you have been through, you still find the strength and the heart and the love and the conviction to continue, to move on, to love, and to fight for what you consider right.

This was beyond creepy. I was being haunted by everyone I'd ever failed to save-all the ghosts of my past.

This time, Nash-Tod-Emma-Dad-Harmony-Alec-Luca-Sophie-Sabine-Uncle-Styx NO ONE, I repeat, no one is safe, everyone is a target, anyone can be used as a weapon... All can be hurt.

With the unpredictable plot that this book has, my heart suffered way more than was capable of suffering hence my multiple deaths.

I think, and this is only me, that this time around things are CRUEL in such a way that you'll be breathless by the middle of the book and DYING by the end of it.
CRUEL people, CRUEL as in raw, painful, torturous, cry-worthy, sob-worthy and all synonyms of that one adjective...

"So, Kaylee, how's your first day back going?"
"Fine." As long as "fine" could be defined as the half-way point between horrible and unbearable.

Of course, the book also is HOT and SEXY and so very very very Crush-worthy... Seriously it is as hotsexyawesome as it is cruel...

*The scenes between Kay and Tod made me pause more than I care to admit, return to the previous pages, and read the scene all over again so I could swoon and fall even more for Tod -as if that were possible.-
*The scenes between Kay and Nash hurt, but also... opened my eyes to things I tried to avert my eyes from before... I can see how they both hurt... but also... how both are healing, specially Nash. And I'm so happy for that. After all he was the first and forever will be the first love of mine :D
*The scenes between Kay and Emma, ooooooh Emma you don't know what I'd give to have a friend like you...

"...I need to get back to work. These sick people aren't going to kill themselves, you know."

*Sophie and Sabine O_O I think they both stole the show whenever they were around and I love love love them both seriously... I never thought I'd say this... but if I have to deal with Sophie in order to bring out the side of Sabine I saw in the book? Bring it on girl!
I've never been a fan of Sophie, not even after reading her 'Never To Sleep' pov-ed novella... but in this book... I loved her for what Sabine did while she was around...

"An apology isn't a Band-Aid," I insisted. "It's an expression of regret."

*The pets T_T I'm so heartbroken I CRIED CRIED and CRIED I nearly threw my tablet away because of THAT and my heart broke and shredded and tried to mend itself when BOOM!!!!
THAT other thing happened... and after that... I kind of just went numb... numb all over...
I still have parts of my heart that fail to respond thanks to THAT...

*HELLIONS! YES! ~plural~ I hate each and every single one of you with every fiber of my being! Also... Thane -______- you're on my list...

*But it was a certain scene with Nash and Tod that gave me hope, hope for both of them....

"The world lost something when you died..."

And I think that's it for me... I'll need to reread this pretty soon. I couldn't manage to pick it up again right after finishing it... because my heart wouldn't have been able to take it, but maybe next month...

I give this book
10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.

A 'Thank You' note...
Rachel C. T_T I don't know what would myself be without you right now... I mean... there's a difference between generous and you...  And... before I get sappy... 


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