Wednesday, July 25, 2012

-rookie review- Angel by L.A. Weatherly

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This books takes on a whole new meaning to the incredibly beautiful creatures that we know Angels are...
but this particular type of angel made the hair on the nape of my neck stand on end when I read what they are capable of when they're always the good guys trying to save the earth from evil and blah blah blah
nothing of that nonsense will be in this book when you read it...

Willow is neither angel nor human so what is she??
Alex HATES angels! and lives only to kill them...what happens when this 2 get together by her being the one on his list to kill...will change their lives forever...
I found this book soooooooooooooo good!! that I started re-reading a lot of chapters when I wasn done with them...
The love between the 2 main charcters doesn't develop as it does in a lot of books...they fight their ways to their own feelings...fight their natures and pasts...everything is not what it seems in this fantastic book!! that left me begging for more where it get to know different povs and get inside the head of the bad guys while reading it...

I give this book
5fotitos=~Sobs hard~Too good to be true!


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