-rookie review- Boys That Bite by Mari Mancusi

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Sooooooo!!! what a great happy read this was...even when the writing got a bit repetitive I didn't mind it one bit!! actually I LOVED IT!!! it's rather different form other vampire books out there and the hilarious Sunny sure is another plus in the book!

And to make the not-so-long story even less-longer ^-^
Sunny was bitten by Magnus who at the time was a really jack-ss!! now she has 7 days to reverse the process.Process in wich her twin very-look-alike twin sister Rayne may NOT join her, even though she was the one who was supposed to be bitten not the other way around...finally she has to face head on that she has to spend most of her time with 'BAD'but 'HOT' Magnus to become human before its' too late...but...lately she finds hereself drawn to Magnus, and remembers that for the time being they're both blood mates...and can't help it!!
I liked it very much! thank you for this book! even when things started to seem to hard to handdle or to much for Sunny she always found a way to make me laugh through out the whole book! now can't wait for the next book in wich seems we'll find all our questions answered beeing as how this book ended!!!!!!!

I give this book
4fotitos=Genious crying.