Yet... Another... You guessed it. Apology & Team TOD!


My beautiful people!
I don't know what's gotten into me but I haven't written a review in more time than I care to admit.
I'm just posting memes and book covers and I feel so lame about that :'(

I just started a job so I'm going to -embarrassingly- blame that on my review and reading slump...

Yeap, besides the review I WAS on a reading slump up until my read of Before I Wake by Rachel Vincent~FIKTSHUN! Thank you T_T~
After reading THAT book I got into even a much deeper slump, couldn't get the book out of my head, couldn't even come up with a good picture to post today on Bookography. Hence the Bookography-less Wednesday :'(

And then...
Sweet Evil happened...
I'm currently reading it and trying to drag my read as much as I can... I don't want it to EVER end...
I'm all kinds of infatuated.

But enough of that.

This post was supposed to be all about apologizing to all my followers T_T
I've left you with nothing to stalk! T_____________T
~insert huge gasp here~

But hopefully that'll change soon! Soon meaning...
Starting this weekend I'll TRY MY BEST to start posting daily again...

I'll try to catch up on the reviews that I haven't been able to write, on the books that I had to put on hold thanks to my reading slump...

And I might also start another book page hehehe xD
Nope, not another one as in another blog, but...
You'll see...
Eventually... First I have to have a little chat with a certain favorite author of mine, one of the few I don't feel AS intimidating talking to as I feel with others....

So, that means. No post until Saturday...

I feel so bad, you can't imagine!!!

~bats lashes~

Now I leave... so I can continue getting out of my reading slump with Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins :D

My friend Ina is Tod's advocate this year so please please please!!
Please support Tod on the YACrushTourney!!
I have the button on the sidebar! We're up against a really strong and loved character! But let's make it so Tod passes to the second round, PLEASE!!!

~won't even proof read this will just hit publish hope I don't have horrific grammar or spelling~


  1. Thank you for spreading the word, Alba!!! TEAM TOD all the way!!! :D

    Hey, at least you're reading again. :) I still haven't picked up another book since finishing BIW and that was two weeks ago!!! ;)

    1. Hush, don't thank me! Thank Rachel V. for writing such an amazing lovable character!

      OH,NOOOO!! What's happened to Insurgent??? Hope you get out of your slump soon enough xD

  2. Obviously I'm obsessed with Sweet Evil too! So I totally get it!!!! I'm slowly but surely pulling myself out of my slump.

  3. Darling I'm way more behind then you are! For My goodreads goal I was 4 books ahead, now I'm 2 books behind. I have barely even read a book a week. I have been terrible about posting anything! Be it memes, reviews or my Bookography and I feel so terrible about it, but I have other things on my mind like finding food so I don't puke. The joys of being pregnant. Don't worry if you can't post all the time!


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