BookPics is Curious...

I was wandering today around the whole awesome thing that the internet is... And then I thought...
I'm not going to be home this next couple of days, I'll be taking a mini vacation with the family so I might be back Sunday afternoon or evening :D, and I haven't scheduled a single post T_T

Then I thought something between the lines of "I stink as a blogger" AND "I can't believe I haven't reviewed THAT awesome book I read the week before that other week in which I couldn't get into that book that I got thanks to this site that currently has 2 books that I'm dying to get to read before release date, and talking about release date..."

I'm all over the place...

But there's ONE amazing thing that I can't stop thinking about...
And that's

The Authors Are Rockstars TOUR!
Which started just August 1st so, if you have missed the post you can always go ahead and catch up.
I posted about it the day of the kick off....-Also the button is on the sidebar.-


I haven't had the best reading month T_T
What with me forgetting that holidays were this week haha and not being able to get into any book and then starting but not finishing books and then not reviewing and then drama and then work hahaha :D

And before I bore you to your grave... To the point of this whole post, because, believe me, I AM curious about something haha

I'm curious...

Have you ever forgotten a holiday?

Whether a whole month celebration, a week or even a day...

I didn't think it was possible...
Until now hahaha

Now... off to enjoy? From the mini vacation :D I'll try to read some :D

Side note->
My AMAZING book-angel also known as Ella is having a giveaway on her blog.
Won't tell you what book she's giving away but I'll give you a hint.
You have to be a fan of her Vampire Academy fanpage on facebook in order to enter :D
And here's the link to the GIVEAWAY


  1. I forgot that July 14th was the "Dia del m├ędico" so I forgot to congratulate my dad!! Hmmm.. Wait, that's not a holiday.. Well, I think I haven't. Usually people around me keeps talking about "holidays are coming, wohoo" So, I can't forget them. At least the important ones =)


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