Date Change-Authors Are Rockstars Tour-

Hey guys!
I'm back!!!
From vacay that is...

If you're following the

Authors are Rockstars Tour

Authors Are Rockstars Tour

You might have noticed that my stop with author Alyxandra Harvey was scheduled for tomorrow/today, depending on when you're reading this, Monday, August 8th. But due to some um... lol let's call it 'situation' shall we? The stop date had to be changed, now the author will be stopping by

Alyxandra Harvey will be on the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So be sure to drop by then...
Sorry for the sudden change and notice.
: /

Remember to stop by all the other stops throughout that day and for the rest of the tour!
I'll try to catch up tomorrow!!

Until then...

Keep Reading! <333


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