-rookie English & Spanish review- Fallen by Lauren Kate

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I read this book when it got in my head to read angel books...even though I thought the action took a bit too long to start.
Luce,Dan and Cam made a good love triangle(even if I never really felt there was any triangle at all) and love the different directions the plot of this book took.
I really don't know how it'd be to be Dan and wait for that person you love for so long just for her to be take
n away from him all over again ALL THE TIME!
Cam brings the spice to the story(Sexy as he is). So I ended up envying Luce, to have someone to love you so much, that waits for you all over again when he knows that the next time we see each other I won't recognize him and if I do I'd die and be re-born all over again for all eternity and yet he still waits and doesn't give up on me(not that he has a choice right...being go he is and all)
I wouldn't mind dying a million times to have someone like Daniel but then again that's just me being selfish. a girl can dream right-'??

I give this book
5fotitos=~Sobs hard~Too good to be true!

Empeze este libro cuando se me metio en la cabeza que queria leer libros con angeles como protragonistas aunque me ubiera gustado que la accion en este libro empezara mas rapido no me quejo....
Luce y Dan con Cam hacen un muy buen trio amoroso y me gusta las diferentes direcciones que el plot de este libro tomo. Cam trae el lado sexy al libro...pero realmente nose si podria hacer lo que Dan hace por Luce por el resto de la eternidad...



  1. I just read that whole review, and understood it. My Spanish is getting better! I loved this book when I read it. It was amaaaazing. Glad you liked it as much as I did. (:

    Anastasia @ http://characterized.blogspot.com/

    1. yey! good for your sanish getting better!!
      Don't doubt to ask me if you have any spanish-related doubts or questions and...
      Yeap! I loved the book as well, back when I read it :)


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