-rookie review- Hourglass by Claudia Gray

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It was all going too well to be true!! believe me...I think Claudia Gray didn't like me doing that cuz then it all came tumblig down! and now I wish I hadn't read this book!!
I think I'll stick wich Stargazer and Evernight...though I'll give Afterlife a read when it comes out...
Bianca has suffered so much throughout this 3 books! that I can't even start to imagine how she feels any more!
lied to by her parents haunted by wraiths haunted by vampires, betrayed by her best and one time only friend...struggling to hold on to Lucas...
I really admire all her courage in a loot of situations when I think all I would've been able to do was fold myself into a ball and cry or shout or any other thing different than the ones she does!
she surprises me with her determination to keep on going even though things didn't seem pretty well for her and Lucas...
During all the time she spent with black cross! I think, she grows really strong, not physical but emotionally!
then everything comes blurry cuz I didn't like at all the last let's say....
like 25 pages of this book...
love Balthazar-Vic and Raunulf have more to afford to this book!love their always-there-for-you attitude...
loved the surprises like...without spoilers let's just say...Rachel surprised me and Dona did too...
so there...
I felt like exausted after reading this book!! but from all the emotions that it makes you feel when you read it!!

I give this book
4fotitos=Genious crying.



  1. I was so freaking mad when I finished Hourglass.
    >.< ---------- >.< And I still feel that way! :S
    I'll stick with Evernight and Stargazer too!

    1. lol
      I was, kinda...
      I haven't been able to get myself to read the last one... I don't want to say bye to this series!
      >.< But the first 2 books were...~sighs~ AMAZING!


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