Independence Day Photography -Day 2-

Hi again!!
Welcome to the second day in my countdown towards my country's independence celebration!

Today my pictures will be ALL about the yummyness that my tiny country has to offer!

So, grab a fork, some napkins, a drink or two... any plate and Enjoy :D

Salvadorian FOOD!

Now. Let's all take a BIG GULP of air and try to stay on a diet from all these, shall we?

Any questions about the food showcased here? Just leave a comment or on twitter or facebook :D heheh


  1. The foods look sooo.... delicious. I'm drooling over the foods.

    1. Oh my, hope that's a good thing :D
      Thanks for stopping by :D

  2. OMG, Alba, can you hear my stomach? It's grumbling sooo loud, I'm sure you can hear it all the way in El Salvador! My mouth is all watery because after seeing all these delicious meals. *yumyum* I want to know what ALL of these are!!! :D

    1. *listens intently*
      Oh my, that was DEFINITELY your stomach grumbling hahaha.
      Awe, I'm so glad you liked them!!!

      Hahaha wow!! I'll have to post them on Facebook and let you know what each and every single one of those are... :D
      Thanks for dropping by girl :D <3


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