Independence Day Photography -Day 3-

I'm so full now just from remembering all those pictures I posted yesterday :D
Hope you had fun ;)

While we have tons of wilderness surrounding us and outstanding yummy food-I admit I cheated on some pictures since my sister is an almost-graduated chef, she made some plates look completely drool-worthy.- Getting sidetracked there, so besides that we have our animals hahaha I think I've taken some shots of animals whenever I could, since I mostly see them while on vacation or when I go to the country side.

Today's pictures,

Salvadorian Wildlife!

Okay, so I admit not many are from the wild part of life here but still :D
Stick around, tomorrow it's all about the CITY >.<
Leave all your randomness in the comments ^______^


  1. OMG, the sleeping puppies and the donkey are just too adorable!!! That one bull pictures, where there is the lone bull just standing there, is just awesome. :D

    I love all the pretty butterflies! :) The snake might have freaked me out just the tiniest bit. *lol* It just stares at you with it's tongue out. *shiver* ;)

    Oh, does, NO TOCAR mean DO NOT TOUCH? Just wondering. ;)

    1. Lol, the puppies! Hehehe those are my dogs and let me tell you they are puppies no more hahaha :D Awe yes but I was actually scared of the monkey :D And thank you so much! :D

      Me too! I'm traumatized, if you could see me whenever I spot one and have a camera with me you'd laugh!! I look silly chasing them :D Hahaha the snake, it's actually a python and my lil sis wanted to put it around her neck for her bday so she did it :D

      Yeap 'No Tocar' means 'Do Not Touch' Yey!!! EspaƱol!!


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