Independence Day Photography -Day 4-

We're almost done with this week-long photography posting :D 

I hope you've all been able to take if only a peek at all the things I've posted here :D

As I've said before, I'm not the most patriotic person here but well, I try... And when I thought about this I really just wanted to show a side of my country that not many know...

Almost every time I 'meet' someone new and international here on the blogosphere, the common question is... "Where are you?" or "Where are you from?" Then comes the O_O is that in Mexico? Is that an island? Is that in Europe?... I think you'd laugh out loud if I were to tell you all the responses I've gotten when saying where I'm from.
And then, if people KNOW the country, there's a pretty good idea I form in my mind of the WHY the know it... Sure enough, after a couple of minutes in a conversation I see that they know my country because of all the BAD stuff. 
I mean, I AM just like that, I KNOW all the awful things that happen here, I see all the bad and sad side of it. I LIVE here. It's only normal... But lately I've been trying to just come up with better ways to look at this tiny thing called my country... I want people to know that...
Nope, this is NOT a cave.
Yes, we DO read and speak human language.
No, we do NOT live in the wilderness with bears, there aren't even bears here ¬__________¬
Yes, we have cellphones.
No, we have access to the Pacific Ocean not the Atlantic or any other for that matter.
Yes, there is a thing called a CAR in which we can transport ourselves.
Nope, we have regular clothes, nothing like leaves hiding our precious or anything like that.
Yes, the name of the country translated means 'The Savior.'
NO, we are NOT from Mexico -_____________________-

So all this rambling brings me down to what pictures I'm going to post now.
They aren't the best since, most of the times I've been in a car while trying to take them, but you get the hint.
Without boring you more, I present you;

Salvadorian Cities

What say you?

Tomorrow's the LAST day of photography randomness hehehe which will feature photos of all things history and traditions :D with Saturday being the end of the countdown :D
Maybe I'll give something away?
We'll see ;)


  1. I love all the pictures. We are very similar :) Hahahaha I love everything you said starting here: Nope, this is NOT a cave. lmao!! So true my friend! Lo mismo me pasa a mí, todos piensan que esto es una jungla sin civilización. "Guatemala? Oh monkeys!!" o_O Hardly!!

    1. Thank you neighbor!! >.< We are! I've only been a couple of times to your country :D but it is similar :D
      ~blush~ Thanks! I really just WOW when people ask me that :D

      Exacto!!! Piensan que somos como salvajes o algo asi ¬_¬ y yo como que -_- nope nope y nope haha. QUE! Bwahahahahaha oh vecina sos la mejor!! haha <3

  2. I want one of those "Death by Chocolate" signs!!! :D

    Seriously, Alba, I can't get enough of all your beautiful pictures! I LOVE the one with red sun. Stunning! Some of these pictures are just so breathtaking.

    I had to laugh about what you wrote at the beginning though. Do people really think you're living in a cave? I have to admit though, I did not know there aren't any bears in Salvador. Then again, if I'd put more thought into it, it'd have actually made sense. See, I'm not always on my A game. *lol*

    Does it get frustrating for you when people ask you questions like the Mexico one? Or do you just laugh it off, and say they don't know any better? I know I've gotten my fair share of weird questions about what it was like growing up in former East Germany, when the wall was still up. It's great if people show an interest though. It shows they care. :)

    1. Hehehe I went to a restaurant and saw it ;)

      Oh my clouds! Thank you! You have NO idea what that means to me!
      Yes they do think I'm living in a cave or in some kind of jungle!
      Oh don't worry wild life is another story altogether. But nope we don't have bears ^_^ hahaha

      It sometimes does get frustrating. Specially the 'Mexico' one. You see, we have this rivalry with mexicans, they have always looked down on us for some reason, more so when it comes to sports so yeap, it does, sometimes, get frustrating when being asked if I'm Mexican. But at the end of the day I seriously just laugh about it... It's all just so funny! People come up with the weirdest things!

      Now you'll have to tell me all about EGermany, I know next to nothing! :D



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