Reading... AGAIN!

[Side note: I wrote this post in the middle of the night thinking it was a good idea, now I'm posting it and I don't want to look at it for fear of my never ending grammar errors not being errors anymore but something more awful, and for my terrible spelling, because seriously... How can I pay attention to writing when all I see in my head is ZZZZZzzzzz, or a Reid telling me...He's good for me, or a Lucas teaching me self-defense?]


I'm sooo happy right now!!

I've finally managed to somehow get over, little by little, of the reading slump that happened after some really bad and sad and depressing news here in the real life...

Plus, work was being T_T tiresome, isn't it always? And I just couldn't fit any time to spend reading or stalking blogs or blog tours for that matter, but...

All of that is starting to be something from the past...

Why? You ask?
Simple... I rererereead a book I looooooved reading the first time around, then loved even more the second and now... As I was expecting, saved my books for going too long without anyone reading them, not that I lend or borrow them... I'm special like that, if someone wants to read a book that I own I gift it to them instead of the former. But, as I was saying... This book was completely absorbed by my pores, my being, my completely crazy, bawlingforeverything persona and BOOM... I was back on track.

As before I read it in less than a day, and now I'm rerererereading yet another book from the same author...

So yes, real life has been a complete... *cough* female dog *cough* and even managed to mess up with everything I had planned to post, things I thought I'd do...


So, I have to thank, because seriously. I think I'm getting really good at thanking people too much, to the point to which I think they regret ever doing something for me in the first place!

Tammara Webber, author, rockstar, genius writer, completely hug-able(not that I can say this from experience but someday I'll meet her and crush-hug her until she gets just how much she has done for me without knowing it, or, you know... something between those lines) person and gifted in a enviable way!!

Her beautiful story, her writing, her not-so-love story and more of a masterpiece-crymeariver then don'tcrymeariver-justbeyou-trustyourself-believe book...

I don't think I even know what I'm writing right now!! I'm so giddy with happiness is completely crazy and insane, though... I think that's normal coming from me... Right?


From the bottom of my book-lover cry-baby, stalker-ish persona.

I, thank YOU.
Tammara Webber...

For your interminable kindness towards me and all your readers out there, for being brave enough to do what you do, for writing these books that I hold close to my heart and will never EVER let go.

'Good For You' helped me in this awful moments and I'll forever remember and NEVER forget...

You know what??

It's SOOOOOOO easy to love you, soooooo EASY to love you more, and so EASYYY to admire you that I'll have to look into some other verb to put into action when it comes to you.

Thank GOD I didn't dream you... Like you know... Dori... Reid?
And thank GOD your name is not Tammara Tina or Tara Tammara or something in between because then... I'd believe you were 2 people and... you know... LL and Jaqueline would agree with me...



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