-reading thoughts- Reaper by Rachel Vincent

[Non edited]
As if I already haven't enough reasons to L.O.V.E. Tod this really makes me love him all the way more!! much much more!
quotes such as::

“He’s not like you, Tod. Aside from a couple of
notable exceptions, you tend to think things through,
but Nash is ruled by his heart—”

I nearly choked on laughter. “I think the organ he’s
ruled by is a little farther south, Mom.”

Made me smile so much that I though my lips where going to split or something!!we get to know so much better Tod's personality and find out why he is how and who he is...
Love his protectiveness over his little brother Nash...and one big boom for me in this book is we find out Nash's middle name! wich let me tell you I didn't expect it to be THAT ONE at all!!
saceifices and secrets are some strong point by the end of this book...give it a chance!!

I give this novella
5fotitos=~Sobs hard~Too good to be true!

April 8th 2011