-review- Rage: A Love Story by Julie Anne Peters

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Ok...so this is my first Julie Anne Peters book!! and boy!what a book! 
I can't believe everything I've been missing out by not approaching any of her books earlier...but enough of that...on to the book
I found myself holding my breath almost through out all of the book...the main character-Johanna- is a lesbian who has come out almost to every body she knows...both her parents are dead and she's a
lways been there for everyone when they needed her...but she's secretly in love with hot-rude-don't-give-a-sh*t-about-the-world Reeve...
Johanna thinks she's all she've ever wanted! my point? uhm...Reeve is literally rough...she has this dark side to her that comes out when you least expect it...she has a beautiful brother...Robbie...wich I adored since the beginning...and she comes from a troubled home...she's always trying to push Johanna away...but Johanna remains strong and believes that her love for her is enough to save both Reeve and Robbie---for those of you wondering...he has autism...half way through the book you see how seriously damaged both girls are...not only Reeve from being trashed out by her mom 24/7 but Johanna as well...since the first time Reeve lays a hand on her-not in the good way-she believes she deserves every hit because she wasn't a 'good girlfriend' or 'brave enough' or any other absurd thing that she could come up to right after discovering the mark that Reeve leaves on and in her...

We can see how Reeve also abuses her brother Robbie...even though she hurts him-a lot- she loves him too, you can see it in the way she's always thinking about him, always trying to protect him from everyone but herself since she doesn't see herself as threat to Robbie.
Robbie has a really leading role in Reeves life. He's the only one who she actually hears when she's hurting other people...he stops her...
Almost to the end of the book I fell in love with Johanna's best friend's letter -Novak- to her...I speacially love the last quote of hers ->"I needed you more than I should have" how true sometimes this is in real life...

Hard yet realiastic and true love story that shows how far can people go when in love as well as how far people go when they hate.
I always felt tears on my eyes every time Robbie's name came into view.
I wouldn't let anyone miss this book for anything...struggles of lesbians, hardships of troubled families, the hurt from loosing your parents, the hate of not being able to be strong enough for every person you love, the passion that comes when in love, and the final decission that people make when loving someone too much it hurts it's bad for your self...every little thing is right here in this book!!

I give this book
10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.
April 8th 2011


  1. I've actually heard about this book! The reviews are really good, too. It's already added on my TBR-list. But, I'm definitely bumping it up! Thanks (:

    ~ Annie

    1. It's sooo very very good!
      I'm glad it's now higher up on your TBR list


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