-rookie reading thoughts- Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

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It's not much of a review...since my brain can't produce much thoughts after reading such an amazing book...so...
finished Clockwork Angel
my eyes hurt!!
1:45 am...
yesterday slept at 3:00am!!

& I have no one else to blame but Cassandra Clare...
if your writting weren't so...how to say it...EXQUISIT & hard to ignore even when I'd better be eating or listening to what my sisters are saying
I hold you responsible for the incredibly dark shadows under my eyes!!!so
THX FOR WRITTING...enjoyed CWA more than I had any right to

I give this book
4fotitos=Genious crying.

4/5(it's just that I'm not that fond of historical books but I'll make a sacrifice for Will & Magnus!)
April 8th 2011


  1. haha, wait to read Clockwork Prince ;) It's even better ;) ;) I haven't slept for two days to finish this book ;) Glad you've enjoyed Clockwork Angel ;)

    1. I haven't had the chance to read CP just yet, I feel like I need a serious reread of CA first to remember the story :D
      I can't wait!!! Hope you LOOOOVE CP! :D <33


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