-rookie review- Burned by P.C. & Kristin Cast

[Non edited this was the first time I ever EVER rated a book under 4 stars. Trust me. I was FREAKING OUT, and apparently I really didn't like it haha.]
GOD!! my eyes almost burn out trying to get through this whole book...
I give it...3 stars (out of 5)
too much going around and around in circles...TOO MUCH POVS!!

I can handle 2 just fine...but seriously...I lost count of how many people get to tell the story on this book!!
the 3 stars are because...and only because
REPHAIM & STEVIE RAE'S new..."thing"...
The human part of Rephaim drew me sooo much that I'm sooo going to read the next book... but it doesn't make this book any less boring...I really can't believe this is like the first time I've actually finished a book I really started to find boring by the 2nd chapter...but I felt I had to keep an eye on Zoe's whole life...as well as Rephaim's!!! I'm now more drawn to Stevie Rae and Rephaim than Zoe and her whole "I'm a special fledling thing", still LOVE APHRODITE-DARIOUS!!!JACK!!OMG! STARK! love the still strong friendship that all Zoe's friends have with her!!!
I envy her friends!!!and I would kill for a warrior--ehm---GUARDIAN---like stark
so this whole book was only about----SAVING ZOE FORM DEATH...BRINGING HER BACK TO LIFE LEAVING NYX'S REALMS BEHIND ALONG WITH HEAT(totally in disagreament over there!!)AND OBVIOUSLY...MAKING STEVIE RAE'S LIFE MUCH MORE COMPLICATED THAN IT ALREADY IS...WHAT WITH HER IMPRINT IN SOMETHING EVIL...AND THEN EMOTIONS GETTING IN THE WAY....AND OH!! NEFERET SERIOUSLY NEEDS TO GET OVER HERSELF...if fan of the series...you have to read it so you can keep the track to understand Awakened...if not feel free to skip it and just go ahead and read Awakened...

I give this book
3fotitos=Might've made me cry.
April 8th 2011


  1. Your 3 star rating was generous! I'm a fan of the series to but I ready for it to be done. i agree with everything you said, it was boring!


    1. Awe, really?
      I was a ball of nerves when I first posted it back last year... It was my very first low-rating thing for me :D
      Yeap... this one was seriously NOT my favorite. At all.


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