-rookie review- Chosen by P.C. & Kristin Cast

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Resumed...Zoe's dead-undead bff is it true??? imagination??
Erik..yummy yummy Erik is so damn good she doesn't deserve him at all!
Heath is way head over heals for Zoe...not that she complains but doesn't help with the Erik situation...
Loren just happened to take the only good thing left from her...
Her new bff might just be who was not so long ago her swore-to-death-worst-enemy-ever!

She lies so much...she can't believe it
and EVEN WITH SO MUCH GOING ON with her...she still manages to stay focused on what Nyx asks for her...
Now that's what I love about the whole books!!
she stays true to her beliefs and in theory to her friends...(to protect them)
I couldn't put this book down at all!! never! so I ended up reading it in one day!!loved it...love the way of Zoe's pov! can't get enough of it!!
oh yeah...and something is killing vamps...guess who's the one that has to save the day(again)? yeap...you guessed right!
our girl!Z!!!u go girl!
I give this book
4fotitos=Genious crying.
April 8th 2011