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Was a really fun even though a little slow book!
liked A LOT Zoe's story by her pov! and the different twist that in this book nobody freaks out when the word "vampire" is said!(well at least not cuz for the same reasons)

Zoe is marked and therefore has to move in the house of night...a school for fledlings(somewhere between vamp/human) and has to say bye to everything human, her almost-boy
friend and her "best friend"
In a world where vampires are known to exist but not trated less weird cuz of it...Zoe needs to find a place in this new world to fit in...
But sutff starts to happen...Erik appears...Aphroditte..and a whole lot characters that will sure win your heart...
Zoe'll see herself, that she's unique...and how are u supposed to fit in...when you're a Freak among Freaks?
haha...loved it!!!
I give this book
5fotitos=~Sobs hard~Too good to be true!

April 8th 2011


  1. I really liked the first 4 books in this series but I'm not a fan of the books after that. Haven't read the last 2...I think...and I think there is going to be another one out anytime.

    1. I liked most of them but there was ONE I really had to drag my eyes in order to finish it :D
      Yeap there's one coming out soon and I haven't read the one that was released before that one but plan on doing so :D


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