-rookie review- POP by Gordon Korman

[Non edited]
I started this book not knowing it'll be really hard to read because I'm not so into football...
but as the plot started to develop I knew that it didn't have anything to do with football and all to do with life...
I really liked all the charcters specially Charlie and Marcus...those 2 took my heart! literally...I was bawling my eyes out by the time I read the last sentece on the book...
It's a really good read but for me was a little hard because 1. my native language is not english!
2.because of the 1st reason I didn't understand most of the names of the things involving fb.
but enjoyed it...

Marcus is trying for QB on his new town's high school but ends up on the bench with no one to cheer for him but a middle-aged man who seems to think he's still 16 and in high school and who has a secret thing for being at risky places...the relationship between the 2 principal characters really amazes me...how Marcus seems so drawn to Charlie...and how he gets him more than his son Troy(who's the qb Marcus is trying to steal his position) Chelsea (Troy's younger sister who hates FB because of the condition of her father), and the not so subtle thing Marcus has for Lyss(Troy's on-off-on-off again girlfriend)

good YA read! believe me!

I give this book
4fotitos=Genious crying.
April 8th 2011