Stacking the Shelves #12 [2 month's worth of books!]

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Jesus Christ in the heavens and clouds!

Hope it's all well and warm over where you are! Getting tons of reading done and buying books every now and then!

As for me...
Life's been kind of hard with me and my family but we're copping...

Subject change needed there...
The thing is... I was just about to record my amazing Birthday Stacking the Shelves edition when tragedy struck and well I was a mess back then and I couldn't keep the vlog rolling...

Now it's been a month and some after that and here I am... Finally back to tire you to death with all my rambling vlogs!

-Giving you a sneak peek here-

-Yeap, that's how much I'll talk on the video...-

So... without anything more to add except a big crushing THANK YOU and some really breath-taking HUGS. To all who have been there for me AND the ones that made me smile without even knowing it.

Here's what will be stacking my shelves this week

Since I recorded this a week ago and haven't watched them I'm not going to be linking to all the books... Nor listing them...

I WILL say,

To my BookAngel Nat;
I don't know what I would do without you. You are simply the most generous person -along with another someone- I've ever known! You amaze me and then some. Thanks for EVERYTHING!

To my BookAngel Rachel aka 'Fiktshun';
-_____________________- I think if memory serves right... I did tear up a bit in there... Though I really just want to forget about it haha but. Thanks so very VERY much... Because. Well just because. Thank you. Thank you a million times. Thank you. :') Plus for MRP and the BBAW T_T

To BookAngel Mindy;
^______________^ I shall hug you now!

To my BookAngel Elena;
I love you!

To Jean;
You rock the blogosphere!

To author Tammara Webber;
One day... One day. MARK.MY.Words.

To author Kendra L. Castle;
You surprised me! I seriously cannot even tell you how grateful I am! I cannot wait! Thank you so very much!!!

To Haley;
You sooooo did NOT have to do that. You must certainly did not! But you did and you made me squeal like a 1 year-old. T_T Thank you!!!!!

I know I'm forgetting everyone! lol
But you get the idea!

Thank you!!

Also... the swag :D

This was a birthday gift from my sis!!!
 This was from H. @Ya-Aholic
 ~huggles~ My PRECIOUS *O* @Fiktshun
On other news... my nail isn't that long anymore T_T it broke :'(
Let's all just calm ourselves down and-
OHMYCLOUDS!!!!!!!! The Body Finder bracelets!!! @JeanBooknerd @Ya-Aholic

What books will be stalking YOUR shelves this week?


  1. hahah girl I love you !!! YOUR WELCOME!!! And I seriously STALKED your goodreads page...that's how I found out you love The Body Finder and stuff so I threw in the bracelets and bookmarks! :D And I agree about the Exiled covers.. I LOVED the old ones ): Hope you enjoy all the awesomes you got!! :D

  2. Dang girl! That's a lot of books & it took THREE videos to contain all that awesomeness!!!


  3. Jesus, *phew* that took me hours to watch it! Haha, I kid you not. Awesome books, lucky :) Pushing the Limits looks so pretty and big in real life! I need it. Same with all of Tammara's books!! Oh so pretty and signed??! *dies* *dies*

    And all your other books too!!! They are so pretty. And the acknowledgment part, that is so cool!! :D I'm in the acknowledgment of one too, but with a bunch of others nothing especially for me or anything haha.

    Claire de Lune it's good! The only one I have read of them all LOL.

  4. Wow, you got a ton of stuff this week! It all looks fantastic! I hope you enjoy all you got :)

    Here's my STS!

  5. I'm soooo coming back to this tomorrow and watching all of these because I love love love your vlogs! :)

  6. You got so many great books and swag! So awesome!!

    New follower.

    My STS

    Sabina @ Delirious About Books

  7. omg! omg! sweet haul! I can just grab them all and run to a bedroom to read. New Follower. Here's mine

  8. I missed your Vlogs and then we get three :) You are mire than welcome and you know I love you too!!! Great books Alba, enjoy them all!!!

  9. Awesome vlogs! I'm a new follower (Frodosco - GFC) and I loved them, congrats on all the new books! Happy reading. If you would like to check out my Stacking The Shelves post you can do so here. :)

  10. Three videos Alba in one post... I'm really happy for you. Those are really great books, I even envy you for some :) Especially the signed copy of Before I Wake by Rachel Vincent. What do I need to do in order to get signed books of RV!?! :D

    I have a copy of Heist Society but I didn't notice the thing in the shades :D I'll try to check my copy once I get home.


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