My 100000 rambling/apology.

Hi there! Long time no see!!
Another edition of  'BookPics is Curious' either means, you've sent some questions via any way, for me to answer/ask in these posts OR you haven't sent anything and I'm the one being curious.

Either way.

This time I really want to dedicate it to all the awesome bloggers out there, specially the Book Bloggers, but more specially the ones I follow, but even more more specially to the ones I stalk regularly, but even more more more specially... LOL well, you get the idea.

The thing is.
Lately, I've been having to run tons of errands IRL, I've been having my very first taste at being an 'adult'-'grown-up' whatever you want to call it. And let me tell you, it is NO piece of cake.
This means that I've had close to NO time at all to write reviews, to stalk blogs, to write blog posts, to schedule blog posts, to interact with the community, to make vlogs, to write comments, etc.

And that my beautiful people, is NOT a happy thing for me. The good news is that, well... I DID get time and got in the mood to do some reading but without the reviewing part hehe.

But well, I complain and not complain. I LOVE doing all those things I haven't been able to do the last month and I miss them like crazy.

I've always prided myself in the fact that when I do follow a blog and declare myself it's stalker I read each and every single post via email and then go and comment. I love to interact with-the ones I regularly do since I'm too shy to approach new people but I'm getting there-people on twitter-facebook-tumblr. I love love love to write down my crazy and rambling thoughts about what a book inspired in me and made me feel but most of all I love love to read. But aside from the latter all those things have been a NO in my 'to-do' list lately.


I completely hate it.

I can't even recall when it happened. Just one day I woke up, checked my email and saw that I had tons of emails from all those blogs I stalk, blogs I hadn't commented in a while.

I promise, I think I had a panic attack!
I know it's not my job to go and comment on my favorite blog, I know I'm in no obligation to tell an author just how much her/his book is destroying me. I definitely am not paid to write down my thoughts on books.
And yet...
I simply and utterly LOVE LOVE LOVE to do all those things... And going in life without those have been a nightmare.

I find myself constantly running to get to my laptop only to remember it's become so slow that it certainly plays a very close 2nd to the 'Reasons I haven't been on the Blogosphere Lately' because, well the 1st definitely is real life and 'grown-up things' whatever that is.

This is supposed to be an apology hahaha. Though I don't think I'm doing a good job...

I'm sorry yet again for leaving and let days pass without me posting anything! I hate that...
Because I seriously love to see my blog all full of rambling posts, long reviews, cover obsessions, bookographies... I really like to take my time to read blog posts and write completely embarrassing comments.

I'm sorry to all my followers and I'm sorry to all the blogs I stalk.

Don't tell me NOT to be sorry, because I seriously love stalking you guys -_-

I better leave before I embarrass myself further, as it is common when I write posts like this.

I won't even proof-read or lol anything... I'll just click 'publish' and that'll be that.

Love you all and miss you like crazy T_________T

Hope to have a new laptop soon so I can stalk you all as often as I once did!


  1. This is my first time on your blog... but I think I like you...well, no I do like you. I really really really super duper like you... you have energy, and I found you entertaining. Thank you for loving to blog (I'm not a huge blogger, but I am an author, but I hate blogging)... I'm thankful to people like you that love to read and review... and to comment on blogs. I hate it when I actually write a blog, and no one comments.... grrrrrr sorry, I growled and wanted you to imagine the growl in your head. Okay, I rambled and made it a LOOOONG COMMENT. I hope you have a fun - stalk me some time - I encourage all stalkers. I have gobs and gobs of giveaways...and if you're a nice blogger, I send swag (don't tell anyone). Have a happy weekend. Ciao


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