~review +18~ Lover Avenged by J. R. Ward

"You keep showing up here? Being who you are?" There was a pause. "I'm going to fall in love with you."

I believe I should come up with a format to write reviews for non-YA books... Because here's the thing, I'd love to ramble on and on and on but also I feel like if I ramble too much I'll somehow give little tidbits of the story away so I'm left with... A really weird somehow review...


Oh Brotherhood, how I missed you!
After reading the first six books back to back... I found a wall right when I started reading the BDB an Insider's Guide... I took 3 months to read that thing and even then I didn't even read it complete... Hence me hitting a slump in the continuation of the series.

But after I don't know how long I've finally reunited with my beloved brothers!!

I cannot begin to tell you how MUCH I love this book!

As always, the story's told from different POVs' but the main plot and story centers on our very yummy yummy.... Rehvenge, also known as Rehv or 'The Reverend.'

How to begin huh?

Let me just say.
You're IN for something BIG something that will definitely make you end up with no nails AT ALL from all the biting that's going to be happening and you're mind will only beg for more at the end.

Rehv's not your typical vampire nor your typical club owner, not even your typical drug dealer.
He's BIG, he loves good things, he rocks a mohawk , he excels at what he does, and he will NEVER NEVER hesitate to help when a person he cares about is in danger/need... Really, he is one of a kind and one vamp/somethingelse you do NOT want to be enemies with.

Ehlena, I don't know how this author does it... But she can make a secondary character become a primary one when you least expect it. She's the opposite of Rehv but not quite... See what I mean? No? Me neither.
She's been through so much and when she thinks she can somehow get a break and breathe... The one person she loves with all her might simply disappears from her life... Her courage and good heart and will is what captivated me the most.

The plot develops quite slow at the beginning. From meeting the new characters to feedback, via flashbacks, to remember more about the usual/old ones.
But there comes a point when you simply CLICK and BOOM... Everything's happening without you even noticing... Sh*t goes down... Curses are being thrown back and forth and suddenly everything's chaos... Which I might add, is one of J.R.Ward's specialties.

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Reading and getting to know a bit more about the life of the other brothers... Keeping it real, showing you that they're still going strong, fighting for their respective happy endings to last for as long as they can make them last.

The evil being that I don't even want to mention in this review got on my nerves... Argh, really. I don't think there was an enemy I've hated the most than the one that's somehow getting stronger in this book... Even if 'he' didn't make a great move, he still managed to spicy up all the Brotherhood life.

The love scenes are so freaking HAWWWWWWT. I mean it.
Rehv takes it to the next level... Get this... With ALL his clothes on... There is no need for him to do more than eat you with his amazing stare... I mean, do you even know the coloring of his eyes? If not, boy, you're missing out. BIG. TIME.

As always, I can't forget to mention my weaknesses.
The cover is a complete representation of the main character, while not depicting the whole story itself it still has a meaning.
The tittle! Oh the TITTLE! It's perfect for this. I wouldn't have it any other way. Ms. Ward nailed it where it mattered!

All in all...
An incredible and thrilling story of sacrifice, honor, fights, love, blood, happily ever afters, brotherhood, weapons, blades, medicine, nurses, and an evil that is waiting around the corner.
A completely amazing and definitely edible read.


I give this book,

5= Clouds In The Heavens READ IT!

As for my Hotness Rating,

9= Fanning herself


About the book:

Rehvenge is used to living in the shadows and dealing with the roughest night walkers around—including the Black Dagger Brotherhood. As his secret identity as a sympath is threatened, he turns to the only light in his ever darkening world—a female vampire untouched by corruption, who’s the only thing standing between him and eternal damnation.