-rookie review- Eleventh Grade Burns by Heather Brewer

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Eleventh Grade Burns vlad tod's 4th book!!
damn!! this book had me on edge since the beginning of it...my heart was always pounding so hard all the time!

Vlad finds again that it's really rare for him to have a normal and good year since Otis appeared and came into his life, but couldn't be more gratefull.
While moping around because of Meredith and with the news that his ex-friend-now-turned-again-deathly-vamp-salayer bud Joss coming again to town, not to mention Otis trial for his so called crimes. Vlad has no time to think much for himself, loved the new characters though(to not give nothing away won't say the name) but I find it really intriguing how Heather can kill those characters so fast!!I was falling in love with this particular character but who cares right?
anyway Snow is growing on Vlad, and Otis and Nelly's relationship seem to be getting more serious by the moment.

Eddie manages a really great pic and Vlad is more than glad to do what he does best! "RUN & HIDE" but he grows up suck it up and becomes a man!! I admit I shed a few tears when I read his memory of when he bit Henry for the first time! and was shocked ALMOST to death when I read the final um...WORD of the book!! I shoved the book as far away from me as possible!!
I never thought Vlad would grow so much in me...but through out the 4 books I've read I've got to know more and more about him, like him more and I'm having a hard time waiting to read the other...
why don't I have it you ask?? well simply cuz they don't have it here in my country... but I really think I'll devour each page of it when I get my hands on that book!!!

sucks to be you Vlad!!

How I wish I owned the last book to know exactly what's going to happen to Tod in the end! T_T

I give this book
5fotitos=~Sobs hard~Too good to be true!

April, 8th. 2011