Sweet Evil Read-Along [Week #1]


So, in the abscence of any road trip experiences... What about taking one right this moment ;)

So excited to be participating in this read along :D I didn't know I'd be rereading Sweet Evil again so soon but apparently Kai has more power over me than I care to admit :D

This first week was all about road trips since those first chapters that we all read lead down to...
Anna's and Kai's road trip!

As I was saying... I've never been on one...
So instead of sharing my experiences or stuff... I'll just ramble. As usual.

The reason I haven't been on a road trip in the whole of my existance is... Because... My country is soooo tiny it'd take me less than a day to make a cross-country trip, me driving...
Maybe it'd take more if I took the bus? Though in that case I might even not make it to my destination... What with the dangerous-ness of public transport or the bad state of said transport hahah.

But here's the thing...
What if I were to go on one??-USA talking-
Say like... instead of ooooh THIS awesome place in the... or like THAT funny place in that... or even THOSE yummy places?
Nah... I think, with how weird I am, I'd plan a route to visit all those BLOGGERS that I stalk...
So let's see how it'd go??

I think first I'd pack-SOMETHING-though I'm still not sure what...
Then I'd take a plane, because that's the normal and sane thing to do right? to the US...
Afterwards... I think one of my first stops would be... to visit... JEAN!!! from JeanBookNerd because I'm just that freaky... I'd show up and smile like a lunatic hoping for her to recognize me... then we'd live happily ever after and continue on with the road trip,her in tow...
I THINK there are some a lot of bloggers situated where she is... SOOOO I'd torture her with my evil ticklish plan until she relents to take me to those other bloggers... which brings us to...

JAIME AND MINDY!! -dances-
I think I'd just stare at Jaime because she's too famous to know me... But then I'd go and crush-hug Mindy just because I'll be near her to do so ;) Then I'd kidnap them both and continue on with my evil-master-plan, I mean, road trip...
Then I'd torture these other 2 -fantastawesome-bloggers so they can take me to a bookstore I've been dying all my life to visit...



Then I'd make them stay there for the whole day along with me... Why? Because I might need medical attention... From all the pictures I've seen... I can GUARANTEE you I've never been around THAT MANY BOOKS in my whole life!

After I have my fix... We'd continue on...

I'd ask them if they could take me to Tara...
Now that they know about my secret-ticklish tactic... they won't try to risk it... So off we're going to go...
~I've only started to REALLY stalk Tara's blog a few weeks ago but I love her already... Anyone likes Instagram? Then you'll love her too, trust me.~
We'd arrive and she'll look at Jaime, Mindy, Jean and me... Of COURSE she will take my side, we'd hug like we might never see each other again, which might be too close to the truth, and we will immediately continue on with the final destination of my crush-squeeze-hug Meet-Bloogers-Road Trip...
Here comes the tricky part...

They shall take me to...

~insert creepy-scary music here and picture me doing some kind of thing with my hands~

They will take me to...

Lol. Sorry... This post is too long already so I'll have to end up here...
Okay. Okay...
I'll just say who simply because I know she won't be reading this ~winkwink~

Where was I?
Oh... Yeap...
Tara along with me will tickle them to death until they spill out and BOOM take us to...
Rachel's ;)
-If by now you DON'T KNOW what Rachel I'm even talking about, I say, SHAME ON YOU-
hint:her blog rhymes with Fiction ;)

Of course Rachel won't know about my evil plan-clears throat-ROAD TRIP plan and BAM! She'd open the door and she will only see Jaime, Mindy & Tara... Because I'm too short T_T to be noticed quickly...
And then I'd run to her, proceed to a tackle attack and -> crush-squeeze-hug her!!!
Of course immediately I will have a panic attack and run away crying...

Afterwards... I'll die!
Of course, then my ghostly form would like to visit Giselle's, Mommo's, Amy's, Kristina's, Bella, Grace's, VAL's!!! Ahhhh! And so many more!! >.<

So much for it being a Road Trip huh?
I think I have to sort out a new plan in which I take them cross country...~rubs imaginary ridiculously long beard while considering this new revelation~

Okay, MAJOR rambling here, but it was SO worth it! I had fun ;)

Remember you can still join in the fun!
Sign up to the Read Along HERE

And just for fun I'll share with you one of my favorite passages from the chapters we had to read this week!

-Patti turned to Kaidan then with a mother's ferocity.
"I know I'm just a human woman, but so help me, if anything happens to her while she's with you---"
"I assure you she'll be in good hands."
"Mm-hm, that's part of what I'm worried about." She pointed at his hands. "Hands off, mister."



  1. We can crush hug from a distance! :D <333

  2. I can't wait for you to visit! We'll make it a memorable experience!! And of course, you know how awesome the local bloggers are here right???? Sooo Awesomely Awesome!Did I mention supportive? Yes! It's true. And we can drive a few hours to come and see Rachel!! Woot woot

    1. I cannot wait to go there... Though I'm sure I'd never get the nerve to talk to all you guys... Hence the 'metaphorical' part of this post :D
      <333333 They are AMAZING!!!!!
      Supportive :D <3333
      OH MY GOD!! Rachel hahaha I think she's scared of me by now :D

  3. I can't believe you haven't in a road trip but your metaphorical road trip looks so much fun. I hope you'll be able to experience the thrill of real road trips soon Alba. There are so many places to visit and so many things to experience.

    1. Nope, I haven't been on one yet.
      It was huh? :D
      I hope so too!! <333


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