-BookPics is Curious- A Book Depository Miracle?


Well well well!!

Would you look at that...
Last week a local friend came up with the idea of making a page to ask The Book Depository to ship to our country -El Salvador-

-The Story-
We've struggled so long to get books, I know we're not the only country that needs it but most of the friends I've made in the blogosphere and the bookish friends I've made in this awesome community were lucky enough to be on the 'countries we ship' list from theBookDepo...

I, for one, know that I drool at the sight of books, I cannot control myself when it comes to them...
So when I first found out about the famous BookDepo site I was thrilled! Ecstatic! I wanted to scream my lungs out that I'd finally found a place where I would be able to get, if not all, at least some of the books that I pin for on a daily basis...

Not long after I started blogging I 'met' some local bookish people and was excited to know that I had found people who loved books as much as I do...
We have stuck close since... Well whenever we wanted to participate in giveaways-we were new!! and we didn't know that people actually gave things away just because they were awesome!-we cried happy tears!! UNTIL. The -international as long as The Book Depository ships to you- thing came up...
We investigated, we did our work, and in the end we were left brokenhearted but still excited to just be IN this amazing community...

-What happened?-
Liss-or Lissette- from Passion and Life approached a couple of us last Thursday Jan 10th<- YES I'm SAVING that date! And told us to apply some kind of pressure on the bookdepo people so they would ship to us FINALLY she only suggested we stalk their facebook page nonstop until they gave in... But all of a sudden... She-I think-has a change of heart and makes THIS PAGE and adds me to it...
OOOOOH BABY!!! We went crazy!!! I suggested that page like a lunatic to MOST of my facebook friends... Then I spammed BookPics' facebook page as well and also twitter...

I cannot believe the amount of support we received!!! The page got a lot of likes the first couple of hours! And I want to thank each and every single person that went ahead and took the time to do just that, like the page.

Liss also said that even though she had made the cover picture for the page... We still didn't have a profile one...
Can you guess what happened?
Crazy photographer-editer-amateur-thing that I am... I took the task to do/make the image... Even though she hadn't asked me... I just, well... I thought I should help more in some other way.

And in the end... after a really quick surge of  adrenaline and really little thinking hehehe I came up with THIS

I know it's not the most awesome -for a cause- kind of image but it came from a really bad case of book-addiction slash online-shopping withdrawal :D

Anyway... The weekend came and I had to go out of town...

-The Happy Ending-
First thing in the late morning... I thought I'd grab my tablet and do a little email checking when...


My BookAngel Nat!!! posts on my timeline telling me that....





And then...
I had a panic attack...
I died...

I didn't know how to react...
I kept going back just to REALLY be sure it wasn't you know... a mind trick or an eye trick thing or something...


That's it...
That's OUR miracle, that's how good this 2013 seems...

That's how our tiny little not-known country got to be a bit noticed!!!
Thanks again to everyone who supported us!!!
Thanks to Liss for making the page and making me part of this!!!
Argh!! Thank you GOD!! FINALLY!! hehehe

I'm so freaking happy I can fly... :D
Or something...

But still...
Since I'm in shock... It wouldn't hurt to ask...
Would you go and check and come back here and assure me that The Book Depository is IN FACT shipping now to EL SALVADOR??
I think they have even added it on bold font!
Care to help me not drive myself crazy? Click HERE or HERE and check ^____^
I know this might seem like such a silly and little thing to get all worked up about... But... well... you have to have been on our shoes to understand it.

Now, I AM curious...
Does The book depo ship to your country?
Comment :D


  1. Yup El Salvador is indeed in the list. I checked. Congratulations. This is really awesome. :D

    And I can totally understand your excitement. :)

    1. YAYY!! Thanks for helping :D
      Thanks you!!!!!

    This dates has to be in history now!! Alba, I wouldn't do this without ya'!! We really did this!!
    I just can't believe it yet, when I came and get online and saw all this post of my friends asking if BookDepo was going to delivery for free.. I was shocked.. I didn't believe it until I saw it on The Book Depository facebook page, and they even TAGGED OUR PAGE!! woohoooooooo
    THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! Thanks, Alba. Salvadorian girls must be united :)

    1. YES!!!!!
      Thanks for including me girl!!! :D

      Definitely!!!! United till the end.

  3. That is amazingly awesome news Alba!!!!! So glad that they now offer free shipping to where your from!!

    1. Amazing indeed Rose!!! :D
      Thanks so much Rose!!!

  4. Im so thrilled ye finally have free shipping from Book Depo!!!!!! I can buy you more books now YAY <3

    1. I'm thrilled too Nat!!! :D
      Aweee -hugs-
      Thanks for the support!

  5. Congratulations on your awesome success Alba that is so exciting! Have you placed an order yet? :)

    1. Thanks!! It wasn't all me though :D
      I placed an order just yesterday :D We'll see how it goes from there :D

  6. THAT IS AWESOME!!!! ha It is deff on the list!!!! :D *throws confetti and dances* :D

  7. Great post! I liked the page as soon as I heard about it. Wonderful news. So happy for you and your local bookies. And you know we'll all back you in all of your causes. Big or small. <3

    1. Thanks so much for supporting us Shelly!! :D
      Thank you!!! I'm happy beyond words!! :')

      Awe, thank you!

  8. With perseverance comes determination..never give up :) I'm so happy Alba! Seriously. Email me to remind me to send you something!

    1. So true Giselle!!!
      :D <3
      I'm happy too!!!!!

      You can't seriously believe I'll do that, right?
      But you rock my socks!!!!!

  9. This is incredible! I wonder if I could do the same thing here in Ecuador?

    1. I hope you can!!! You can always do things if you never give up! Trust me!
      I should know.


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