-Reading Challenge- Don't Let It End Hosted by Fiktshun


I wish I didn't saw Rachel's post in which she wrote about thinking of this exact reading challenge...

But things, as they start, must end... And so, with great pain in my heart... But excited-ness as well -I'm such a weird and bipolar person!- I'm posting this to announce that, my heart will break this year, I will pretty much spend tons of hours crying on bed with a book clutched to me...

You see... The thing is, it won't be just any book... BUT
A LAST BOOK in a series!!

You know what that means?

It means I'll have to finish reading the Evernight series by Claudia Grey or the Hex, Hall one by R.Hawkins!! Or what about... A Touch Mortal trilogy by Leah awesomeness Clifford?? *_* Endlessly by Kiersten White!! T_______T oh bleep! T_T #myfeels will be all over the place!

I really don't know which books I'll be choosing to read... Not even sure if there will be bookS chosen... So far... the only last-in-a-series books that I own is Afterlife by Claudia Grey and Endlessly by K.White! So we'll see how it'll go with me!

But, after my long rambling in which I said pretty much, NOTHING.

I just wanted to share this awesome reading challenge with you!!

If you want to know more about it just go HERE or look for the button on the right sidebar of the blog :D

Which looks pretty much like the banner for the challenge :P But is THIS one :D

I cannot wait or wait! Maybe I CAN wait but don't want to continue putting this up for another time... I know it'll be hard to part with such AMAZING characters and stories... But I know there are even more stories out there waiting for me to devour them and fall completely in love with, just as I did with these ones!! :D

What about you?!
Brave enough to join??
What are you waiting for?!

Wait, if you are waiting I completely get it ^____^ hehe