-BookPics Is Curious- New Blog Features?

New year,
New beginnings,
New... Everythings...
At least that is what I thought back on January.

Now we're going on March and so far the only new things I'm doing on the blog are participate on book cover reveals and on some blog tours, okay a LOT of blog tours, but well... My site isn't known for participating and hosting blog tour stops for books...
But I'm doing it so that's GOT to count!!

Now... This monday I was thinking.

Why not start a feature to help promote and share the love of the 2 things that have made my time as a book blogger one of the best experiences of my life?

I want to give shout-outs to book authors!
Doing some kind of author of the month thing?
I know, it's definitely NOT the most original idea but... I just though if I gave it my touch it'd be kind of nice :D And I'd get to pick and choose how I do it!
And if any author would like to be considered to be an author of the month they can always email me :D

So yeap, that would be a monthly thing... Maybe if the author has several books published I'd feature one each week of the month or something.
LOL Help me out with some ideas?

Then I also wanted to give shout-outs to the BLOGGERS! Without whom life in the blogosphere would be boring and lame.
They bring up the spice and each and every single one of them give their best to have content for the various types of likings that we all have.

And since I follow tons, know millions exist but visit regularly a few and just stalk one on a daily basis... I thought I'd go with a weekly thing for bloggers :D

As long as they aren't bloggers solely based on reviewing and reading Historical and Erotica I'm fine with it.
I read Adult :) But... Well... We'll see...

This is all kind of just brewing right now so if you have any tips or just want to share an idea or thought leave a comment or email me.

I'd love to know what you think.

Oh yeap...
I already have the first blogger I'll be featuring...
Help with the author?

-It CAN be indie ONLY if I've read their books OR work with them previously in one way or another. Sorry.-
I'll change that last part as I grow into this...

For now I'll just click on "Publish" and see what I can think up tonight :D



Sorry... I just kind of jumped straight in without much thought into this post but I'll try to write another one later :)
Or just update this one?

Bare with me <33333


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