-Review- On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

Goodreads Shortie:
Jocelyn Butler has been hiding from her past for years. But all her secrets are about to be laid bare…

My thoughts?

Oh wow...
It's been months... literally since I read this book...
I kept struggling with this review... Came up empty when I wanted to put into words what I really thought about it...

I mean. It's not everyday that a book moves you when you haven't gone through the situation it describes and still... Argh...

To author Samantha Young, I swear I've tried.... I've sat on my bed countless nights trying to do your book justice but it just wouldn't come...

But now I'm determined to simply say...

It was amazing and loving and so very well written!

I instantly connected to the main character, Jocelyn, who wouldn't like her? She felt so real, so very centered and down to earth. I didn't have any problem believing this could be a friend of mine.

A lot of books have that problem, they write contemporary but they describe things & settings that wouldn't exist in real life, and this... This didn't do that.

Oh and please please... Braden... Can I melt now?
Some would think the 'understanding' between Braden and Jocelyn is trivial and too known already... But I'm so happy to inform you you're so wrong, so very very wrong. I dare you to enjoy a day and lose yourself in this book!

The story flows perfectly... It simply does. I loved a certain sister... She's like... A BFF's seeker wet dream or something.

I don't have any complaints about the love scenes either... They had just enough steam to leave you begging for a bit more...

I'm trying desperately to come up with new ways to tell you how good this book was! How good it is!!
How I really hope you'll pick it up the minute you lay eyes on it!
Be it on a bookstore -lucky you if you get the physical copy on your region- or on an online site where you shop for eBooks...

Thanks for being awesome enough to share your writing with us Samantha!!!

I want Braden to talk to me in that language of his and with that accent X_X


I give this book
5 = Clouds In The Heavens READ IT!


Hotness Rating:
8 = Fire!


I'm sorry... I really couldn't decide which passage to share :(
There were just TOO many so... I refrained from sharing this one time :/