-Review- Speechless by Hannah Harrington

You know, there are books that surprise you, there are books that are predictable, there are also books that make you smile like a silly person, there are also some others that shock you to your core... 
And then... There's Speechless.

I dove right into the book while not having read the whole book description-shock-and was pleased with what I encountered right after starting it.

This is a book like no other, you think you know, you think you've read this, you think these kinds of topics are too trivial now and have been used nonstop lately.
But you're wrong, oh yeap. You're so very very wrong.

I loved Chelsea's character. I love how she bit by bit started to develop as a character, thanks to author H.Harrington but also, she grew as a person.

Not many books involving bullying told by the person who's always done it, know which pace to set in order for the book not to come as too fictional. So I permit myself to say that the author nailed it.

It's literally been a month and some days since I read this book, it was one of my last 2012 reads, and I've still got so many details engraved in my mind and in my heart.

Chelsea literally cannot, for the life of her, keep a secret... I think her record's like 20 min or something haha.
And this time, that seemingly insignificant defect might prove itself not so insignificant.

When she found out just how many people she had hurt by never keeping silent, by never keeping her promises not to tell anyone, by her never-ending need to always have to prove herself worthy by always delivering the latest juiciest of gossips...
Instead of feeling sorry for herself she stops and actually looks at herself and thinks...

Thinks and decides...

She makes the decision of her life...

So... So I won't get into anything more than...

She made me believe that everyone has good inside them, not matter how small... They have goodness and they could change if only they stopped for a bit and thought... Really thought.

But not many are as brave as Chelsea was and not all will be willing to leave their 'top' or 'exclusive' posts on whatever hierarchy they think they are...

As always, I forever believe that love is the strongest weapon of all... But silence might be a close second... There's strength and beauty to it... 

I dare you to try it. Find the beauty of silence... It can make you think... It gives you time to form words in your mind, form feelings in your heart... Find the answers you are desperate for...

Because in the silence you can hear... You can hear at anyone but yourself and trust me when I say, you'll find the beauty in all the melodies that surround you and for once acknowledge that the world actually revolves around many more things than just you.

It's amazing.

Thanks Hannah Harrington for delivering such an inspiring story in which I lost myself, in which you made me believe... A story about redemption and self-discovery.
A story about strength and silence.
A story about goodness winning over everything wrong and bad.

My weaknesses!!
The cover is amazing and the tittle couldn't have been better. It fits perfectly!!!

Also, tell me when Chelsea lowers her guard because then... Sam will definitely be mine!
He was AMAZING! The perfect balance for all the pain!
I won't speak of the 'square root of awesome' because... NOPE! 

I give this book,
10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.

Favorite Passages,

I love the way he says my name, like it’s something he wants to keep safe.


The truth is, the person I’ve been hating more than anyone is myself. It is so easy. So easy to look in the mirror at all my imperfections and think of all the ways I fall short of someone...


Keeping secrets isn't my specialty.

There are so many mores I wish I could share but then... I wouldn't leave you anything left of the book to read so...
That'll be it.

-Thanks Maricar @Blackplume for the recommendation and Rachel @Fiktshun for hosting the giveaway in which I won this book!-


  1. Great review Alba. I'm glad you like the book too. Hannah Harrington is really a talented author. If you got the chance read her other book too, Saving June! That one is the best! I think you'll love it too and maybe even more than this one :)

    1. Thanks Maricar!! :D
      I liked it!!
      I hope to get her other book as well!! :D

      Wow!! Better than this one???
      I'm definitely going to speed up my buying then!


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