-Blogger Of The Week #1- Mindy @ Magical Urban Fantasy Reads


A week late but... better late than never!

I finally managed to steal some time from work to write this post.

-Remember, I'm only just starting this and in NO way am I intending to steal this idea from any blog, I just thought it'd be cool if I gave a shout-out to those blogs who I stalk regularly and give a chance to new blogs to be found!
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Today I'm featuring one of the coolest, definitely generous, and incredibly awesome blogger!


And since this is just the beginning hehe she has NO idea how I am even doing this... Neither do I...
I'm just going with the flow on this one...
This is a shout-out to her awesome persona and awesome blog and all things awesome that... Well... that... Mindy and

Magical Urban Fantasy 


Magical Urban Fantasy Reads

I found out about Mindy's blog thanks to my fave blogger Rachel aka Fiktshun. I don't know when this was... Since I now seriously cannot remember... I just know one day I read one of Mindy's comment on Fiktshun, loved it and made the connection that the Mindy Fiktshun was always talking about was actually the Mindy that commented on her posts hehehe... Well DUH T_T After my slow brain made the connection...
I starting going to Mindy's site from time to time... I was completely TERRIFIED...
If you've ever talked with me either on twitter, Facebook, or any other way... You know I'm so shy it is NOT funny!

But I became a silent stalker of Mindys'... I went there... Read her content and slowly, slowly backed away from it without her noticing I'd been there in the first place...

Then I'd go into hiding for a month or so and then I'd repeat the process... I did this for a LONG TIME... And then... One day... I was being my miserable self on twitter... Complaining how my local bookstores ALWAYS think that bringing ONE lone book out from a series is the best idea to sell -_- #HeavySarcasm And it was around the time that Andrea Cremer's series was coming to an end... I wanted SO BAD to read the whole trilogy -now series- back-to-back. But couldn't... Because of the BRILLIANT ¬__¬ idea of the bookstore...

I think I either tired her or I seriously don't know... But... The next thing I know? We're having a twitter convo!! Mindy... MINDY! The famous blogger was tweeting with me and I didn't know what to do with myself... I was TERRIFIED of my spanish leaking, of my english knowledge leaving me, of my stalkish persona scaring her away... I'm the kind of person who first thinks/imagines the worst case scenarios followed by the less worse ones... hehe...

She told me how much she had enjoyed the books... How much I really NEEDED NEEDED to read them! And then I went on telling her that... I had read some really REALLY scary things about the trilogy's ending... How I wasn't planning on finishing it because I was too scared to read the last book... But how much I really really wanted to... But well... How I was/am a freak and couldn't decide with my feels all over the place...

What happened?

Let me tell you what happened dear reader...

ejfnvortnvownrtkjnwrotvnwerjtne  <--- Don't worry, that's actually linking you to a blog post in which I tell you what happened :D It's nothing bad or you know... lol


You can also watch this here and you'll see what happened as well :D
-hint: It starts at min. 2:30 I believe :D-

So yeap... THAT happened...


She was TOO good to be true...

I started stalking her then... In a non-silent way :D

The rest is history...

I love her to death now :D

She's amazing!!

I've only just started reading her reviews as well!! Which is kind of good hehehe because I used to only read one blogger's reviews before... Now I get to read a second opinion :P

I read Divergent thanks to her, I am desperately waiting for a break in my books-for-review pile to read Poison Princess thanks to her as well... I also hahahahaha hahahah haven't read Insurgent even though she threatened my life if I didn't read it... X_X
She also made me reread Sweet Evil when I was drowning in work haha and in reviews-to-be-written...
Another plus? She loves contemporary!!! -dances-

Trust me, her blog is awesome!
If you have yet to visit it, you should go now, don't miss it!

I love whenever she vlogs! I love whenever she's on twitter so I get to stalk her even more than normal...

So, give it a try.

Magical Urban Fantasy Reads 
An incredibly talented reviewer that has made me want to read her reviews-not an easy task Check THIS REVIEW and find out what I'm talking about-that doesn't spoil them for you in the process... That loves books fiercely and is capable of making you read a book you never consider reading before...
And a person that has killed me multiple times T_T either by putting my blog button on her blog or by visiting my blog... Or simply by not ignoring me *O*

She's professional, she's fierce, she's happy, she's funny, she's part of the book-bloggers royalty ;) And one of the best things? She accepts my latina-crushing-hugs!!! Plus? She hasn't been creeped out by my stalking persona. Yet.

All in all... A site you definitely want to keep on your radar and your feeds, always.

Want to contact her? Go HERE.

And stalk her!

So that's it for now...
I hope to be back next saturday with another awesome blog to share with you!!

Until next saturday!!!
Got any blogs you think I should stalk?
Share 'em!