Bloglovin Anyone?

I'm seriously no good with anything that has to do with keeping up with all the "Follow" options that are out there for us all bloggers...


Apparently this time is kind of a big deal the thing that google has decided to do...
From what I've read there's only been news about them taking gReader down... I haven't read anything about GFC though...


I don't know if any of you follow me via that... But if you do I'm afraid it won't be working, at some point this year. And I've seen some blogs I follow start spreading around the blogosphere this site they've found where you can go ahead and follow blogs after this whole google thing.

So, if you're interested in continuing following my blog after gReader goes away... Or if you're new and you want to start following...

You can do so by following me via Bloglovin

-> Click there -> Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Or you can always subscribe via email.

You know I'm almost always on Facebook or Twitter as well.

But sometimes I'm not there to share my blog posts so for now Bloglovin and Email are the best ways if you're still up to stalk my weird blog and persona :D

Until another weird blog post :D

-Side Note-

I read Beautiful Disaster...
I liked it ;)


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