-Happy Happy Birthday!- The BookAngel Edition





Feliz cumpleaños Nat!!


-let me hug you-

-le latin hugs you-

I'm incredibly excited to be wishing a happy birthday to one of my very own BookAngels here on the blog!
I thought of a million things I wanted to try but in the end decided, since I met her thanks to books and blogs, to wish her an amazing birthday here!! BookPics shall be loved right now!


I wish you all the best, only the best, and no other thing that the best of bests!

I am/feel so very very blessed to call you 'friend' to call you 'angel' the Book part is my doing lol.

Seriously though. I'm here to wish you a very very happy birthday!! Hope it is full of love, of happiness, of laughs, of smiles and of COURSE CAKE & BOOKS! Tons and tons of books!

Most of you must know by now who Nat is, she is one of my BookAngels, she spoils me to NO end and she is one of the MOST GENEROUS PEOPLE in the WHOLE FREAKING WORLD! She's always giving not EVER EVER expecting a thing in return. And I love her so very very very much!

And well, since I know she not only is a BookAngel for me but for others as well so... I asked around and...

Look Nat! Some people wanted to say "HI" as well!!

Happy Birthday Nat! It's been great getting to you know you these part few years and honestly, I've never met anyone as generous as you. I do cherise our friendship, so I'm sending you lots of hugs from Birmingham!!



Oscar Wilde said

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention." Natalie, you have gone far beyond small acts of kindness. What you have done for md leaves me speechless. All the books! I love them all. Because you gave them to me, they have a very special place in my heart. I hope you have the best birthday, you deserve nothing but AMAZING things in life. I'm not really good with words, but I hope you know what your friendship means to me.

Peace and love to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

-Tiffany F.-


Hi Nat! Happy Birthday to you, I hope you have a great day, with lots of love and spoiling from your family and reading time. I hope you receive a whole bunch of books as presents and eat a lot of cake too. 

I'm happy to have met you and extremely lucky to call you my friend. I'm so thankful for your friendship and everything you do for us and for always been there for me and listen/read to all my craziness haha. You're a wonderful person and I wish many blessings and good things for you and your family. Love you and have a wonderful day. xoxo

-Ana Lucía-


Natalie is a book goddess, she always gives and never asks for anything in return, when i do spoil her she tells me off lol. i love natalies generous heart, she is amazing. happy birthday natalie, thank you for everything you do. xx

-Alice P.-


Happy Birthday Natalie! You have a heart of gold, spending all that money on books for everyone! You inspire me to do the same for my future birthday! Thank you for the books and I hope you enjoy your book as well and enjoy all the other goodies you got from everyone else! I hope to get to know you better via facebook as we don't talk much, but you're an awesome gal! Thank you again and have a good one! Hope to see you on the other side! 

-Ella- <- Ellen -_- Elensita :D


Happy birthday Nat, you are awesome and deserve a great day, so I hope you have one and get lots of books! Love Misty xxx




I'm wishing Natalie a amazing birthday not just because it her birthday but because she has to be one of the most kindest people I know. While she has a habit of giving to all and putting others before herself there is also a bigger role she plays. Day or night she is always there to talk if you have a problem she does not judge or complain instead she gives you advice and helps when she can.
So happy birthday and so much more because love your one amazing person and I'm glad to call you a friend xx

-Annmarie A.-

[End of Update]


See Nat!?
You're loved, appreciated, and completely completely blessed. Because no matter what, you're always in our hearts, we'll always remember. I WILL ALWAYS remember!
Have fun girl! Dance!! Laugh away and read!!
I love you!!!


Also, I know I missed like tons and tons of people who would have wanted to say a happy birthday but I'm really really shy... You can always leave your happy wishes on the comments section. I know Nat'll like that :D

PS. My mom says you spoil me to no end and is ashamed of me not sending you all the things I've got here for you lol. She blames it on my completely shy persona being afraid of the PO. But she says 'Hola' :D


  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!! No way!! Alba Im crying big yucky happy tears right now. Never in my life has anyone done anything like this. For you and everyone to take time to wish me a happy birthday is is .... I dont know what to say. To do this blog post for me is -- Hahaha Im speechless here!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love ye guys, Ive got to know ye all and I know ye say Im generous but it goes both ways.
    I love spoiling all of my FB friends, Im like you Alba and a very shy person and dont have many friends in my life and even less to share my love of books. All the amazing friends Ive made have made life a lot happier for me. Everyone of ye have given me loads and I love ye for it.
    Im rambling now!!!! I can barely see what Im typing.
    All Ill say else is ye are awesome and I love ye <3 <3
    Alba Ill NEVER forget this, it means so much that you would give space on your blog to me. xxx

    1. You're an Angel.

      And I'm always here for you. Remember :D

      Love you!!


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