-Happy Release Day!- A Touch Menacing by Leah Clifford

Happy Release Day!!!!!!!

It's here you guys!!
The book that I'm 99.9% sure will scar me for life, the book that will take my breath away, the book that will ruin me forever, the book that'll make me cry like no other... The book that I simply cannot wait to dive in even if I know my death awaits me at the end...

Leah awesome Clifford, author of this AMAZING trilogy.
Thanks so very very much for writing!!
Thanks so much for being awesome!
Thanks so very very VERY much for the kitten!!
Thanks for Gabe, Az, Luke, K X_X

Thanks for not ignoring my constant stalking!!

Ahhh!!! Thanks for everything!!!

I am incredibly terrified and extremely thrilled to have found your first book thanks to my fave blogger, Rachel aka Fiktshun!!

But here I am... Making one final stand before I become someone else after reading this book... Just wanting to wish you a very happy ATM3 release day!!!!

Let's get to know a bit more about the book then :D


The book description is spoilery if you haven't read the previous books!

Eden is dying. For real, this time.

She is crumbling to ash, and an unnatural plague is ravaging mortals and immortals alike. With both Heaven and Hell out to destroy her, Eden can no longer tell the difference between good and evil.

Friends become enemies. And enemies are everywhere.

But don't underestimate Eden. She'll fight for her life, for the lives of those she loves, and for every life she has ever touched.

She'll fight for revenge. For redemption. For—just maybe—the chance to be mortal again.

Everything began with forbidden love.

What will be sacrificed at the bitter end?

The dramatic conclusion to Leah Clifford's dark, alluring trilogy of life, death, and epic love.


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