-BookPics is Curious- Hectic ¿?

Hey guys!!

So sorry I haven't been posting regularly or as regularly as I've always done...

Sorry sorry!

I'm in the middle of a somewhat family crisis... Nothing to do with family but with health...

I've been all over the place... Hospitals, banks, resting, hospitals again, dealing with family out of the country freaking out... It's kind of hectic... The worst part is that I'm still recovering from my surgery this past week and since I'm the oldest sibling you can only imagine (if you're a firstborn you'll understand me) what chaos I'm kind of going through right now.

Hopefully though everything will, somewhat, go back to normal this weekend but who the freak knows!?

My arm hurts, itches, and burns all at the same time, I still can't drive, I'm still recovering from my gastritis attack just this past week and I'm freaking out about what to eat every other hour. And now we have to deal with another sick person in the family.

Nope, this hasn't been my week, month OR year for that matter. I'm just happy books have been here keeping me company while I try not to have a full-on panic attack... Or something between those lines.

I hope tomorrow I'll have time to post my thoughts on Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick because that book seriously rocked my world. And then some other reviews here and there plus sending some emails...

Oh god, this month can't be over soon enough...

In the meantime I'm still waiting for my copy of Lover At Last to arrive so I had planned on keeping as far away from favorite authors reads as possible... I KIND of have pulled it off...

But now I got approved for certain NA tittle on Netgalley and I nearly devoured it the minute I had the chance to sit down and relax some in the hospital room.

Okay, I'm going now.

Wish me luck and KEEP READING!!!
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[Sorry if there are any grammar, spelling or other horrors I didn't proofread a THING here]
Miss you all!