-Review- Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

Goodreads Shortie:
After a tragic accident scarred her body and destroyed her dreams, Leila never imagined that the worst was still to come: terrifying powers that let her channel electricity and learn a person's darkest secrets through a single touch. Leila is doomed to a life of solitude...until creatures of the night kidnap her, forcing her to reach out with a telepathic distress call to the world's most infamous vampire...

Whenever I read something by Jeaniene Frost I KNOW I'm in for a sexy-thrilling AND completely dangerous ride. No matter the character, no matter the setting, nothing... Nothing matters when it comes to a book by her. I MUST get it, MUST own it, MUST read it and I know without a single doubt that I'll love it.
She's just THAT talented and I'm THAT in love with not only her characters but her writing. She has magical fingers, this one ;)

So when I found out she'd be writing a trilogy for the infamous Vlad Tepesh I think I fainted while being in shock all at the same time. And I know it's been over a year since the first book came out but well... Life can be like that when you're international and at THAt time THIS miracle had yet to happen :D



My thoughts??

Where to begin? From my shock of the book not being told from Vlad's POV or from the instant fascination I had with Leila?!
We've never read anything by this author in which the character already knows about her/his abilities and is so comfortable with them. But wow! This book right here was the PERFECT way to start that trend.

Leila is not only a really fierce, beautiful, powerful and stubborn character but also vulnerable, a woman WITH feelings, and still so very very human. Add to that the fact that now her powers aren't as secret anymore and you got a lot of people, from the non-human variety, chasing after her.

-"No apologies are adequate for my leaving you in danger... nor can I ever thank you enough for saving my life."-

That's when the love of my heart, I mean, that's where Vlad comes in. And BOY what an entrance. He couldn't be introduced with a "Hi, I'm Vladislav" and a friendly shake of the hand. Noooo, he had to be introduced in a unique way, a way that only Vlad knew how to exploit to it's maximum and had me already begging for more of him!!!

They meet in the strangest of ways, her as a hostage and him as a target to a thread she had previously followed and connected with. He feels invaded while she realizes he's the only way out&safe from her captors.

From then, it was an amazing journey. I was so very very excited to have seen more of Vlad. To see that he's not only just as scary, ruthless and powerful as Cat and Bones and Mencheres made him to be in the Night Huntress series, but also as faithful, loyal, and protective of his people. You do NOT want to mess with him. Trust me.

-The sound that came from me was almost animalistic. That was how he made me feel---feral, uninhibited---and as heat slid down my arm to slowly spread through the rest of me, those feelings grew.-

And the best part is that Leila plays a huge roll in the waking-up of long forgotten feelings inside Vlad's heart and mind.

All the characters, I loved. Maximus, Shrapnel, Cat, Bones, Mencheres... Every single one of them added to the story and made it what it now is. Perfect O_O

While searching for their enemy and staying safe. Leila grows stronger not only physically but emotionally. And then... there's no going back.

She was warned, he warned her and he was straight on with what he could and couldn't offer her but Leila won't settle just for a few crumbles, she wants the whole deal. If only Vlad could see that -sigh-

The love scenes are too hot for the fainthearted... I mean that.

-I walked the last few paces that separated us, taking his hand and not flinching at the stains that coated it.
"You're in my skin," I said. "The day before, you'd traced my mouth with your hand and almost kissed me..."-

And my weaknesses? 
Book tittle while not IN the book is still what the whole story is in two words and the book cover?!!! HOTNESS INCARNATE is suddenly an understatement. *O*

It's exhilarating, exciting, hot, sexy, smokey, cinnamon-y, woods-y, hot again, sexy again, dangerous, electrical and oh so very very... NOT going there.

Another Jeaniene Frost book you CANNOT miss out on reading!
If you're still waiting I tell you... You'll regret every second of that wait... Each and every single one.

I give this book,

5= Clouds In The Heavens READ IT!



Hotness Rating,


-"We are all more than the sum of our sins," he said in an even voice. "You know that better than most people, Leila."-


  1. Yes!!! I've been meaning to start this one! It's on my kindle but it still SITTING! :(

    1. You so need to read it girl!! I mean it!!


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