-Armchair BEA- Giveaway

Well, there's a giveaway happening on the blog right now so you can go there by clicking the link below,


And about the genre pick for today, as I said on a comment on another blogger's post before. I'm not good when speaking and writing about genres...

So I definitely will just stick to the giveaway part hehehe though I'm loving what everyone has had to say about today's Literary Fiction :D

If you're participating in Day #3 of the armchair don't hesitate and leave a link to your post :D I'd love to drop by.

Such a short post :(


  1. Awww, the giveaway is over. =( but HAPPY BLOGOVERSAY! *throws confetti*

    1. So sorry. It wasn't supposed to end yet.
      If you see this before June 1st you still have time to enter

  2. I found the literary fiction post hard, http://www.madhoydenish.blogspot.com/2013/05/armchair-bea-genre-post-literary-fiction.html

    Happy Blogoversary! Sorry that I missed the giveaway.

    Tallulah A. @ MAD Hoydenish


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