-Armchair BEA- Introductions

-credit of image goes to Nina @ Nina Reads-

Second year joining Armchair BEA!!

And hi there!
I'm Alba and as you can see I'm the owner of BookPics :D

Now for the beginning of the armchair we were asked to pick, out of several, 5 questions to answer to you today so you can find out more about us and our blogs while you're roaming the blogosphere in this week of awesomeness.

So WELCOME to BookPics and hope you get to enjoy it here :D

1.Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging?

As I said before, I'm Alba, best known as the reader who has died so many times it's kind of inhuman, who rambles about books nonstop, and the girl who cries with every single book she reads (Don't believe me? Check out my review policy and you'll see how I rate the books I read.) And have been blogging for exactly 2 years now. BEA happened just in time of my blogoversary celebration :D

And why did I get into blogging? About books specially? Well, because I love love loooooove books. Books have been a huge and when I say huge I mean HUGE part of my life since like forever ^_^ and apparently my friends aren't as big on reading as I was/am/will forever be...

I needed an outlet, needed to share this passion of mine with someone who would understand, someone who would share my love of books and their authors, someone who "got" me. And who would be willing to marry a fictional character even if said fictional character was also married to me ;)

But woah! This community gave me that but so much more and for that I'll be forever grateful. 

You see this -pats this tiny but beautiful to me- blog? It's one of the things I'm the most proud of and I have loved every second of it ever since I started. -smiles proudly-

2.Where in the world are you blogging from? Tell a random fact or something special about your current location.

Is this a trick question? LOL :D

I'm from a tiny country located in Central America :) called El Salvador.
We're one of the tiniest countries in the whole world and... something special about our current location?
Ummm well... Not only is our country little and tiny but so is our people :D
We get 6 months of summer and 6 of winter.
Oh, and books don't come here... :( 

But if you're really curious hehe I have a whole page dedicated to my country full with pretty pictures so you can get the whole idea of us :D -It's located on the tabs but here's a LINK if you rather just click it.

3.What are you currently reading, or what is your favorite book you have read so far in 2013?

I'm currently reading 2 books, 
Gold by Talia Vance and 
Hard Bitten by Chloe Neill.

X______X Both are already favorite of mine and I won't even start on how Hard Bitten is killing me while I write this... Just remembering ----shudders----

OH.MY.CLOUDS.IN.THE.HEAVENS!!!!!!! You did NOT just ask me that!!
But well...
One of my favorite reads so far this year has GOT to be 
-The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa.
Because that book was simply perfection incarnate...
But, but, but!!!!
But there's also,
-Breaking Point by Kristen Simmons
-In Too Deep by Michelle Kemper Brownlow -I freaking cried so hard!!-
-Sins & Needles by Karina Halle
-Lover At Last by J.R. Ward -ohmygodhelpme!!-
-In A Heartbeat by Teodora Kostova
-Wait For You by J. Lynn
-Twice Tempted by Jeaniene Frost
-Dare You To by Katie McGarry -WAY better than the first book-

The list goes on you guys ^_^ -blushes- I TOLD you I ramble!

4.Tell us one non-book-related thing that everyone reading your blog may not know about you.

Oh boy, okay... Here it goes,

I'm completely and utterly TERRIFIED of dragonflies!!


They are... Just... 
Nope, I won't even...


Also, Team Loki-Tom Hiddleston- FTW!!!!!!!

5.Name your favorite blog(s) and explain why they are your favorite(s).

Jesus christ in the clouds!
I've got too many!!

But here they are -in no order whatsoever-

**Fiktshun which is run by Rachel... O_O 
-the only blog I stalk daily... - There's a reason why I've declared myself her #1stalker. Right?

I actually first found out about Armchair BEA on her blog. The very first time I stopped by her blog it was for an Armchair BEA post.
But, for me, she is one of the best book bloggers out there. She's amazing not only as a blogger but as a person and I'm so very glad I met her.

I love her reviews, she has a way with words that I have yet to see in another blog. And every single time I read one of her book reviews it's a given that I've got to get that book. No matter what.
Plus, she's completely passionate about the authors. I love how much she supports them!
She's incredibly generous and talented and really? I just look up to her.

She's got tons of sites so I'll leave you with the links to some of them:
Fiktshun -Main Blog-

I've been a follower of April for over a year now but it wasn't until a few months ago that I really started stalking her. 
Then along came Pabkins and you've got the best "duo" ran blog out there.

They complement each other in the blog so well!
And they've made me like and read both their reviews, which is kind of hard since I rarely read book reviews that aren't by Fiktshun. And it's very seldom seldom seldom that I follow blogs that are run by more than one person. But not theirs.

Both are so much fun to talk with and I'm forever grateful that they don't ignore me.

They interact a LOT on their posts' comments section and also on twitter :D

You should pay them a visit. They're amazing!

Oh boy, I've known Jean since before she became the totally and completely successful blogger she has become.

She's incredible! It's amazing how generous she is to the community and how willing she is to help and promote authors.

I have no other words to describe her. She's a friend and a person who is always willing to have a bookish chat.

I love love loooove Jean!

Oh my!!!!!! Mindy!!! What would I do without her???

I loooooooove her blog.
Whenever I need to find out about Urban Fantasy reads or awesome YA novels I know I must stop by her blog.

I met Mindy thanks to Fiktshun. And how THANKFUL I am for that!

Her blog and her way of blogging is fresh and stress-free <-I made that up. 
But you see, the fact that she doesn't post daily and does it at her own pace. Feeling no need to fill up the days with posts and more posts? I love that!

I love stopping by whenever she has a new post on her blog, no matter what. I'm always there.

Mindy is simply amazing and I'm so very very grateful I got to meet her!

Those are some but I've got so many more blogs I follow. You should scroll down on the right sidebar and you'll see more of my fave blogs :D

So there you have it!
5 questions answered to let you know a bit more about my freaky and book/photography-lover persona.
Hope you have a great time stalking, I mean, following my quest called Armchair BEA 2013.

Are you participating?
Leave a link! I'm always happy and excited to meet new bookish people!


  1. Hi. I love your design! And yay for two years of blogging! Enjoy this year's BEA :)

    1. Hi! Thanks so much -blushes- Rachel @ Parajunkee is awesome and gifted with these things :D

      I definitely will!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I liked The Eternity Cure, but I still need to write my review.

    1. Well, as long as you loved it <333 hehehe.

  3. I tend to cry a lot at my books too. Generally in public as well, which is not so good... :0)

    1. OH MY GOD!!! You rock my world then!!!!

      It is definitely NOT good when we cry in public because of a book but... If the book is THAT awesome? I really don't care hahaha.

      Thx for stopping by.

  4. Happy happy blogoversary! Congrats :) I'm coming up on mine as well but it will only by my first.

    Have a great ABEA!

    1. -blush- Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!

      It doesn't matter if it's your first or 5th!! IT still is special!

      I wish you more and more bookish-blogging years to come!!!


  5. Alba girl!!! Oh, how I love your Loki-gif!!! :D :D :D

    Yay, for joining in again - it's my second year too. *highfive* :P

    1. Hahahaha I love it too!!! >_< AND him.

      Yes!!!!!!! -high fives-

  6. Thanks for visiting my BEA post! Oh that dancing gif just cracks me up! Alba you have whit and you are funny! It shines through in your writing. I like that! That really sucks that books don't come to El Salvador. Perhaps there's a market for someone to get very rich and booklovers to be very happy. :D

    *Slaps forehead* I have a hard copy of The Eternity Cure and an ebook of Sins & Needles, and have yet to read them both.

    See ya next post!

    1. No problem I loved visiting :D hehehe I love that gif is one of my fave and one of 2 I own hehehe.

      Awe, thanks so much! Thank you thank you.

      Yeap, we don't get much books. I'm crossing my fingers that that's true.


      See ya too!!!

      Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Great blog design! Others have mentioned Fiktshun so I had to see wht the fuss was about. OMG, love it!

    Have a great ABEA!

    My intro @ Lindsey Gray

    1. Thanks. Parajunkee is the best of bests.

      Oh good! She's truly amazing. I love her to death. Glad to hear you loved her blog :)


  8. Happy blogoversary! All the blogs you mentioned are definitely new to me, so I'll be checking those out! I use to NEVER cry at books but I find myself crying more and more. Maybe it has something to do with blogging? Not sure.

    1. Thanks so much.

      Really? Well it also depends on the genres we read, right? hehehe. Hope you get to know a bit about all of them.

      Oh my GOD!! Cry!!! It's alright!!!

      hehehe I actually have never thought of relating the crying to the blogging before... hehehe

      Thanks for dropping by!

  9. Hi Alba, dragonflies, never met one so have no idea if i'm scared of them. I do know that i dislike most bugs, always flying around near my ears. Ugh.

    Nice to meet you! The dancing Gif is the best.

    The ETERNITY CURE. Oh gosh that ending is the best and the worst. love how moving it is and how it made me feel so many emotions.. dislike how it left me heartbroken for Allie and Zeke.

    1. Hi Rachel :) WHAT? Then you're the luckiest girl in the world!! I HATE them I feel like they could sting me at any given minute when I least expect it!!!
      Argh, bugs :/

      Nice to meet you too lol. It's one of my faves ;)

      YES YES YES!!! THE ETERNITY CURE!!!!! I know right? Can't wait for the next book!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Welcome back to Armchair BEA! Congrats on your blog0versary. I love finding stories of people who don't have people in their lives who share their love of reading so they found that outlet through blogging. I mean I hate that you don't have friends who read, but glad you found a way to share in the love with others. You're the first blogger I've "met" from El Salvador! Whoohoo! I love how you can't really narrow down your list of favorites. I always have that problem too! Good luck with the rest of Armchair BEA!

    New follower by the way! Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  11. Congratz on the blogaversary!!! i didn't realize our blogs were so close to the same age :D

    And OMG you seriously made me tear up! You're so sweet! I'm glad you stalk me!

    I also couldn't take my eyes off that dancing gif, I LOLed so hard I almost died! :D

    I love dragonflies, their wings are so pretty.. howevef I do get a big creeped out if they come too close in person. Just because they are big.. bugs. But I love them in designs and stuff LOL

    I haven't read the Eternity Cure yet, I'm late :X Its on my MUST read list for this month though ! :D

    And thanks again for the kind words.. like i want to hug you and squeeze you until your eyes pop out hahahha :D Esp the part about reading my reviews, because I never think they're that good at all! <3 <3

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

  12. Love you Alba! Very sweet...kind words! You rock!!!

  13. Thanks Alba! You are so wonderfully awesome! Dragonflies are a weird big to be scared of... not like spiders which are evil incarnate!

    You chose some awesome blogs! I just found out recently that Mindy and I line in the same city!

    Can't wait to seer more arm chair posts!

  14. Congrats on the blog anniversary! What a delightful introduction post! I so enjoyed getting to know more about you. I so totally agree with you on Lover at Last! I just finished Twice Tempted.

  15. Scared of dragonflies? What a terribly unique fear! My son is scared of just about every insect out there, except for butterflies ha ha. Congrats on the blog anniversary.

  16. The Eternity Cure!!!! So jealous!. Thanks for stopping by earlier.

  17. Hi Alba! Thanks for stopping by my blog! And honestly, there was something seriously wrong with that dancing gif :) So glad you're blogging, so sad you cry at every book . . . *goes to see if you reviewed my book* *wanders off*

  18. I have to agree with all your choices of favorite books!! Glad you are blogging!!

  19. Hello there Alba!!! I love your comment on my Armchair BEA post. It was AWESOME!!! And I want to let you know that I have replied to it already.:)

    Oh my geeee!! I love how passionate and dedicated you are. :D BOOKS all the way!!! And yes, your blog looks pretty. Pink and Gray FTW!!

    El Salvador! :) I have heard of that. Your native tongue is Spanish then? BTW, I have seen the pictures you have taken. And you know what? Some of it reminds me of the Philippines, or at least the place I live at. :) Even the food seems familiar.

    This is an important question: No books? WHY? :(

    The Eternity Cure, huh? I haven't read the first book yet. But because of you, I might be able to push it up on my TBR list.

    Awwww.. why are you afraid of dragonflies? We used to sneak up and try to catch them when we were little kids. But we just let them go after a few.

    Thank you so much for dropping by my BEA Intro post! I really appreciate that :)

    teepee @ Little Librocubicularist

  20. I just LOVE your energy! You would seriously be the type of person I'd be friends with IRL. Too bad I don't live in El Salvador and then we really would have book obsessed friends to fangirl over! Ohh, Breaking Point! I completely forgot that I wanted to read that one. I've got to start writing all of this down, on paper, so I remember. Goodreads clearly isn't helping me clear out my pile! So glad you found me so I could then find your wonderful blog. New follower!


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