-Blogoversary!!!- BookPics Turns 2!!!!!

Argh, I'll completely cheat with the time I'll put I posted this post but that's only because I need to have a blog tour stop as a top post today...

Other than that.

Happy Blogoversary BookPics and all my beautiful BookPicErs!!! Thanks for sticking with me for these past 2 years!

And to thank you, I wrote a letter :D

Here goes nothing :D

Excuse my handwriting!!! I kind of haven't written on paper for a long time...

I promise I'll post a giveaway thing tomorrow.
But for now.

Thank you.



  1. Happy Blogversary lovely!!!!!! So so happy for you :) What a wonderful amazing letter and all of us here are blessed to know you <3 <3 You deserve all the happiness and know that we all love you! Heres to many many more years xx

  2. Aww... Happy Blogoversary BookPics and congratulations to you Alba! 2 years is indeed a milestone. May you have many many more years in the blogging world. :) <3 <3 xx

  3. Awww! Your enthusiasm and love of all things bookish and our friends is only part of what makes you special, Alba. Happy, happy anniversary. I hope we all have many more years of sharing laughs, loves, tears and fears and hot book boyfriends. Love ya girl! And thanks for the shout out! <3

    1. -blush- thanks so much girl!!!
      Love you too!

  4. Happy Blogiversary Alba!! Love you <3 <3

  5. Love this post! And love you! I think you are probably the sweetest person in the blogging community & I know everyone loves you! Especially me!!! Congrats on the blogoversary!!!

    1. T____T Oh my god. That means a lot. Thank you!!!!
      <3 Love you too!! And thanks again.

  6. Happy Blogoversary, Alba. Love you. Friends forever. ♥

    1. Thanks Alishia!! Love you too!!! Forever indeed!! <3

  7. Happy Blogoversary Alba!!! You are awesome and so is your wonderful blog!! <3


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