-BookPics is Curious- Where is Alba?

Oh boy...

Not again...

I've gone and done it again :( I was supposed to be getting ready for ArmchairBEA and also write my Stacking The Shelves post as well as write a couple of reviews... But as you can see, none of that has truly happened for me.

The reason?

I decided to try and paint all the bedrooms in our new house... After 6 months of living here I've got to say... I love it but hate the fact that the whole house is the same color... Even the outside walls...
Add to that the fact that none, I mean, no one is sleeping in their respective rooms and you've got me all worked up because I really REALLY want my own room, like yesterday... Or a decade or so ago...

So I talked to my dad and BOOM! Out of nowhere we went and bought some paint last Wednesday.
Suffice it to say, I haven't seen the outside world since Wednesday afternoon, the world might have stopped moving for all I know and I wouldn't have noticed it.

I'm still missing a couple of things, like moving from one room to another and painting little somethings but I'm finished!!!
My sis helped some and then my dad helped me with my room when my sister didn't want to help me with it -_- after I spent a whole night making sure SHE liked what I was doing to HER room :/ whatever ¬_¬

And now I believe I can come back to blogging and living normally. I really really hope I can do that because this next week is going to be full of life here in the book blogosphere.

Check out what my world has been revolving around these past 4 days,

-Yes, for all those BDB fans that's the old language-
First room I painted and decorated... :D Kind of like it. The butterfly is my fave :D

2nd room... This is the biggest, largest, and everything superlative... I felt like my arms were going to fall off at any minute while painting this room!
-That's an intercom not a phone by the way lol :D

Didn't have time to have fun painting my nails but rather, painting the walls... T_T 
My index's finger nail isn't as large anymore -sobs-

My lil sis room :D We had to improvise because the lilac paint wasn't going to be enough for the whole room :D

I'm still thinking what else to paint and do in there :D but I love that color... Though it wasn't enough... My sis had the idea of mixing all the left overs of the other colors and we made like a purple or something...
Now I have to move into my room AND wait-impatiently-for my shelves to be ready so I can unpack all my books <3

That's where I've been you guys :D hehehe
And I'm so tired but so happy to be getting my room back and moving everyone else to their respective rooms...

What about you guys?
Where have you all been?

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  1. Wow, I love what you did with your sister's room! ! Lol at how she bailed on you ;-)

  2. Love it!!! How did you do the city and the butterfly? Want to come here and do mine ;) <3


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