-Happy Mother's Day!!!- At least here.

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Well, today, May 10th. Here in El Salvador and probably some other central american countries as well, celebrate Mother's day!!!

I love this day!! Not only is it a holiday, as in we get to skip work, school, everything... But we get to spend, thanks to the break, more time with our moms.

Now, I know my mom isn't perfect. She's far from it actually. But I love how that makes her unique and makes her the woman she is and the woman who raised me.

We've had our really high ups as well as really low downs... But I'm happy to say we're still joking as if she were my best friend some nights lol

And I'm proud proud to say that after a very hard "work" I've managed to make her start reading again!!


I just wanted to say a happy MOTHER'S DAY to all the Mamás out there!! Thanks for supporting us, thanks for standing up for us when we were too little to do so, thanks for all the colds you had to endure because we passed them along to you, thanks for all the chicken soups, for all the candy handed secretively so dad wouldn't notice, thanks for all the tears you've dried, for all the scoldings, for all the groundings-though I've yet to know what that means, to be grounded-for all the bandaids put on our knees...

But most of all, for loving us. Because no matter what we've become, no matter the place we live in now, whether it is still with our parents or so far away we barely see them anymore, no matter that some are already mothers of their own children... Because no matter nothing.
You still love us, since that very first time you saw us... You kissed us... You put us to sleep...
You still are our moms and that,my friends, is something NO ONE will never ever be able to take away from us.

For all the mothers that are, that were and that'll be...

I wish you blessings and a very joyful MOTHER'S DAY!!

I love you mami!!

And because I seriously seriously LOVE this picture of me and my mom I just had to share it. Again.

-This was so long ago and I look awful and everything... But seriously... I had JUST gotten these books... I didn't even know I was going to be a blogger then... And now... lololol :D -

She might not like how much I read but she certainly knows how to make me laugh :P
I love you mami :D

To celebrate, as you might have noticed, we're going a little on the bright side!!!
I really think the blog needs a new look... Sighs, we'll see about that :D


  1. Aw Alba, you actually gave me goosebumps with this post! It's so lovely! The picture of you and your mom is simply adorable! I love the look on your mom's face. LOL

    1. Awww really?!
      :D I feel awesome just reading your comment.

      And thanks lol.
      She's really like that hahaha and she puts on that face whenever books arrive :D

      Happy Mother's Day Ina!!!


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