-Review- Because Of Low by Abbi Glines

Goodreads Shortie:
In my debut novel, Breathe, Sadie may have fallen in love with the teen rock star, Jax Stone, but readers fell head over heels for Marcus Hardy. This is his story…

My Thoughts??

There's just something about tattoos in a guy... Something... compelling to me *O* And a man crying?! GET OUT! That's just, simply... wow.

Woah, what a way to start a review huh?! lol

Okay, here I go.

I read this book without remembering that this is a follow-up book instead of a stand alone or a first book in a series... Bad news? I missed the introduction of a character I now love and have fallen for, the good news? I didn't feel like I had missed out. The story could be read, as I did, as if it were a stand alone but now that I know it isn't I just have to read the first one :)
Plus, I've been a fan of Abbi Glines for years now :D So it's only natural for me to finally give in and start reading her contemporary or NA tittles :D

-Rushing back into the bedroom I had to stop and sigh from happiness at the sight he made leaning against the headboard. He had on a t-shirt but he was in boxers and his long tanned legs were crossed. And Marcus Hardy's bare feet were downright sexy.-

Boy, what a way to start reading a new genre written by an author whose writing I love thanks to her fiction books :D But...
Marcus Hardy, if I had known you had already appeared in another book, if I had known your character existed and your description had been written previously I would have all but jumped at the chance of getting to know you before.

The story is fast-paced, believable, cute, sexy, sad, traitorous, and hot. But more than that, it is absolutely real. I felt every kiss, I felt every emotion, I felt every single tear of Low's, I felt every searing kiss of Marcus's, I felt everything.

The author's writing is completely delicious. I cannot believe I waited this long to dive into this book.

Every single character gave to the story and made it as awesome as it came out to be. For me there were no secondary characters, nothing. Just a big whole extremely good story. Whether it was a little girl killing me from cuteness overload or a certain friend that fell in love with his best friend...
I cared for everyone that had to do with helping the story develop, which is to say, all the characters.
-I didn't need him reminding me that I wasn't good enough for Marcus. I already knew this. But what he didn't know was Marcus was completely clueless to this fact. And I wasn't about to point it out to him.-

And what a story O_O I related to Low in ways maybe not everyone did/have/has/will ever relate. Feeling alone, feeling unloved, feeling not wanted, feeling small, feeling protective of the one bright thing that keeps you strong and you feel is worth fighting for in the middle of all the bad, the ugly, the sad, and the betrayals. 

Because there is no worse betrayal than the one done by the ones you love, the ones that are supposed to be there for you through it all, the ones that were supposed to protect YOU instead of making you feel like you need to protect yourself FROM them.

But I also related to Marcus, in the way of the big-brother thing, being a first born isn't easy when you have siblings who you care about and who you feel protective of... You want them to suffer as little as possible if at all, you want to prevent them from going through the same pain you went through all that while trying to be strong enough for everyone even if, inside, you're dying and screaming for help, screaming for someone else to take the burden, asking for a small break so you can patch up your heart and continue to be strong... After all, we're all humans.

-Standing up I closed the distance she'd been afraid to bridge.
She gave me a sad smile.
"One day, whatever this is will end. Relationships always do. Then you'll leave me too."-

The story is so twisted that should have been the name of it... Loved the 2 POVs, And I wouldn't have it any other way. While some parts I could completely see coming... there were others that left me completely speechless and had my jaw hitting lower spots than just the ground. 

I never thought I'd cry as much as I did or scream as much as I screamed or even smiled as broadly as I did... My mouth hurt and my eyes ended up either sore or swollen X_X Even then I was left begging for more of this story, begging for more of these 2 characters that now own my heart. 

-She was here.
She was talking to me.
She was in a bikini.-

Thanks for the story author Abbi Glines, thanks for writing it as you did and thanks for making me and my heart suffer through it all. 

This is a book and story that'll take years before I begin to forget all that it made me feel and even then I'd just pick it up and reread it to relive every second of it yet again.

A heart wrenching, heart warming and sexy story that'll leave you either bawling because of the unfairness of it all or laughing because of the little happy somethings or shocked because, well, that is life. Simply and sincerely that, life.
And the only thing we can do is live it as best as we can.
Just as Marcus and Low.

-You can't expect a sheltered person to react to disappointment the way someone who'd only known disappointment reacted.-

My weaknesses?
Both were in there! The cover goes completely well with the story [AT LEAST THIS BOOK COVER, this edition...] and the tittle!! It was PERFECT!!! I mean it!! Perfect!!!

I give this book,
10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =

I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.


Thanks to my bookAngel Nat because, even if she doesn't remember, she gifted this book to me last year :D Thanks girl. As always, love you.